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03.18.2018 0 comments From Jonathan Duarte — Come connect with me on LinkedIn.
07.06.2017 0 comments From Adam — This book describes the next step of software evolution which could likely offer a solution to many problems. According to an ambitious author’s claim, this technology can even help fixing society and corporation. The goal of the book is to answer a million dollar question “how can we get there”. Th…
04.01.2017 0 comments From Jeff Zhuk — Find Best Jobs Quicker and Faster on Start your job search with Jumbo Jobs Get Hired,Quicker Jobs Apply for Top Companies Post your Resume Now!
03.02.2017 0 comments From jumbo — Accredited, online graduate institution established to address the growing shortage of qualified cyber security professionals.
01.31.2017 0 comments From University Of Fairfax

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