Here's a great Huffington Post article on the benefits of career blogging: 

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You’re perfect for this promotion. 

You worked hard, exceeded your performance metrics, and kissed up to all the right people. This one’s in the bag. Nobody’s got a better chance than you. 

At least, not until you were blind-sided by the one surprising advantage your competition has over you. 

Bloggers Stand Out as Formidable Contenders 

Promoting yourself for career advancement means you pull out all the stops to prove your value and competency on the job. But increasingly, employers are looking for even more evidence that you’re right for the position. Showcasing your expertise as a blogger can earn you just the right extra points to tip the scales in your favor. Here are five ways to use your blogging prowess to prove that you’ve got what it takes to get promoted. 

Free Blogging - https://www.hub.careers/ 

1. Blogging makes you a reliable and dependable asset. 

2. Blogging makes you a powerful connector. 

3. Blogging makes you a multi-skilled professional 

4. Blogging makes you an action-oriented problem-solver. 

5. Blogging makes you an ambitious innovator. 

Are You a Contender? 

It’s maddening to keep getting overlooked when you want to get ahead. Next time you go up for a promotion, leverage your competitive edge as a blogger. The challenge can be formidable. But formidable challenges call for formidable contenders. Are you one? 

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Create your personal career blog for Free here - https://www.hub.careers/ 

Consider also doing a video blog! 


Derek Stegelmeir, Esq. 
Group Manager 

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