We'd like to introduce some of our top bloggers and their blogs.

Please take a look and add a comment on their blogs to let them know what you think.  (We invite you to create your own career blog too!)

1. Carol Kay

Mixing Glamour and Medicine - http://bit.ly/2lqDBPo

My Life in Public Relations - http://bit.ly/2kVhuQQ

It's not my Job - http://bit.ly/2kVnJ6Y

Cohorts in the Workplace - http://bit.ly/2kyQZQ1

Does Work Define You? - http://bit.ly/2luNPdy

Careers in Art - http://bit.ly/2lv1rFZ

I Changed my Major - http://bit.ly/2kaKEGZ

How to Deal with a Difficult Boss - http://bit.ly/2lxVVmI

Burnout on the Job - http://bit.ly/2l07gy2

Confidentiality in the Workplace - http://bit.ly/2kOUCzX

Medical Practice Mistakes - http://bit.ly/2luWhtE

Making Time Stand Still - http://bit.ly/2luYS6v

The Procrastination Plague - http://bit.ly/2lqukqI

How To Ace An Interview - http://bit.ly/2luUYKX

Career Advancement can Happen - http://bit.ly/2ka32Vn

The Career Junkie - http://bit.ly/2ktfn34

My Checkered Job History - http://bit.ly/2ka6Tlo


2. Jackie Vore

Tips for First-Time Managers - http://bit.ly/2kOL47W

Habits of Successful Job Seekers - http://bit.ly/2lv2sOf

Psychological Tricks to Help You be Successful at Your Next Interview - http://bit.ly/2kOIjDu

Why Working with Millennials is a Challenge - http://bit.ly/2kOL4EN

7 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs - http://bit.ly/2kaDwus

Things Managers Do that Make Their Employees Quit - http://bit.ly/2kaSSyJ

Recovering from Failure - http://bit.ly/2kz9Vy7

Why the customer is NOT always right - http://bit.ly/2kyQIws

15 Signs You May be an Entrepreneur - http://bit.ly/2kOVSCX

Toxic Behaviors that Push Others Away - http://bit.ly/2luVp82

10 Things to Avoid to Remain Mentally Strong - http://bit.ly/2lqygIe

Things to Consider Before Taking on a New Job - http://bit.ly/2lqvKlc

Finding a Work/Life Balance - http://bit.ly/2l07vt1

How to Improve Employee Productivity - http://bit.ly/2kVA5ft

How to Build Relationships with Your Coworkers - http://bit.ly/2lv4qxX


3. Taylan Turan

Organize a Themed New Year's Party At Work - http://bit.ly/2kySWvS

Get Started in Screenwriting Today! - http://bit.ly/2kaT55n

5 Inspiring Success Stories from the Food Industry - http://bit.ly/2luUAw2

How to Fail a Career: Career Failures in Hollywood after 2010 - http://bit.ly/2lvbGdi

Curation in Traditional and Contemporary Contexts - http://bit.ly/2kyTPEB

Two Paths for a Career in Photography: Art School & Business School - http://bit.ly/2kON6oL

Creating Television Online - http://bit.ly/2lv2J3I

Where We Work: American Television's Take on the Workplace - http://bit.ly/2kVpOQA

Ephemeral Flicker in Film Work & Archival Preservation at Museums - http://bit.ly/2lxNBTY

Entry-Level Opportunities in Contemporary Film Circulation: Festivals - http://bit.ly/2lxCv1c


4. Laura Johnson

5 Tips to Ace the Interview - http://bit.ly/2lqAo2r

Improve Your LinkedIn in Under 10 Minutes - http://bit.ly/2k9ZD8S

How to Craft the Perfect Tagline - http://bit.ly/2lqECHy

5 Basic Traits Employers Want to See - http://bit.ly/2lxGw5W

Food for Thought: The Perks of Business Lunches - http://bit.ly/2l0ipz5

4 Tips for Coffee Date Success - http://bit.ly/2lxWqx9

The Importance of Humility in Your Work - http://bit.ly/2ka1QRI

How to Woo Hiring Managers: The Art of Cover Letters - http://bit.ly/2lqIRCR

5 Ways to Prime Yourself for That Entry-Level Job - http://bit.ly/2ktiWWS

Introduction: Preparing for Life Beyond College - http://bit.ly/2kaKRu0

Introduction: Preparing for Life Beyond College - http://bit.ly/2kaKRu0


5. Farrah Pereira

Fun In the Sun: Having Fun at Camp - http://bit.ly/2lvhrHW

Opening Doors with Language - http://bit.ly/2lxPCQd

Breaking Barriers: The Benefits of Learning a New Language - http://bit.ly/2lvcAX6

A University Degree: Is It Always Worth It? - http://bit.ly/2kOQr7a

Health and the Workplace: The Importance of Striking a Balance - http://bit.ly/2lxUm8l

The Not So Nice Side of the Diplomatic Service - http://bit.ly/2kVJXpx

Owning a Business: Is it as easy as it sounds? - http://bit.ly/2kVMShX

Actor 101: Useful Resources for Actors - http://bit.ly/2kON6EZ

The Arts: Passion, Career or Both? - http://bit.ly/2kaeLDa

France: The Teaching Experience - http://bit.ly/2lvcJtT


6. Kendra Nuttall

Finding a Balance Between Work and Play - http://bit.ly/2kyVVnS

Writing as a Hobby - http://bit.ly/2kOSpo0

How Everything Gets Better - http://bit.ly/2ktkCj3

When Everything Falls Apart - http://bit.ly/2kVPP25

I'm an English Major, What Should I Do? - http://bit.ly/2kaUGYE

Where to Find Freelance Jobs - http://bit.ly/2kVzGtg

How to Avoid Freelancing Scams - http://bit.ly/2kyZDhq

What Can I Do With an English Associate Degree? - http://bit.ly/2lqHxjw

Balancing School, Work, and Life - http://bit.ly/2ktqNni

The Reality of Freelancing  - http://bit.ly/2lvh0gE


7. Janet Eriksson

Keep the dream - http://bit.ly/2kaLOCu

Right job, right time, right way - http://bit.ly/2kapE87

Can you do the job? - http://bit.ly/2kajrsI

How to sail smoothly in the waters of middle management - http://bit.ly/2lqP2H2

Let your resume paint a picture - http://bit.ly/2lvfKu9

If you did it, claim it - http://bit.ly/2ka9H1M

4 Tips for New Middle Managers - http://bit.ly/2lvaw1g

8 Steps for Transition to Middle Management - http://bit.ly/2l0nEi6


8. Derek Stegelmeier

Creating a Job Application Machine - http://bit.ly/2kaawaK

What I Learned from the Cloud - http://bit.ly/2lxEOBk

What Job Markets Will Be Hiring Under a Trump Administration - http://bit.ly/2kbgzHd

What is Work Life Balance - http://bit.ly/2kVU261

Welcome to Hub.careers - http://bit.ly/2kabpjX

Thoughts on Uncertainty - http://bit.ly/2kP2yRP

Is contracting the way of the future - http://bit.ly/2lvjvQf

In The Beginning - http://bit.ly/2kz4a3C


 9. Adriana Rodrigues

Keep going - http://bit.ly/2kb9ner

Your identity lies in what you do. But how you do it. - http://bit.ly/2kVRODu

When your team becomes your family - http://bit.ly/2l07K7g

The Day "One Day" Arrives - http://bit.ly/2lvimIk

When Your Job Seems Like A Job - http://bit.ly/2kz7iMw

Follow Through With Your Dreams - http://bit.ly/2kb4PV8

Sports are not just sports - http://bit.ly/2lqLRzg

Turning Pro - Life of a professional at a closer look - http://bit.ly/2ktibxc


10. Chris Wang

Why Sales Sucks! Pt. 2 - http://bit.ly/2kakCsc

Here's Why Sales Sucks! Pt. 1 - http://bit.ly/2kONe7v

How to Know if Sales is the Right Career Field for You - http://bit.ly/2l0dZbm

The 2 Best Email Tools Ever! That Help You Track Down the Right People to Talk to. - http://bit.ly/2lxXFwc

This is How You Beat Your Competition When Working With A Recruiter - http://bit.ly/2ly3ppD

This is How You Beat Your Competition When Working With A Recruiter - http://bit.ly/2kakbhC

The Noob's Guide on How to Get More Money During Salary Negotiations - http://bit.ly/2ly09KS


11. Allison Dawson

A Few Famous History Majors - http://bit.ly/2kz79cc

"A Tie Means Success?": Some Thoughts on Career Choice from Jim Gaffigan - http://bit.ly/2kbbIGj

The Useless Major Showcase: the English Major - http://bit.ly/2kaZVYA

"Why Do We Work?": Reflections on Thanksgiving - http://bit.ly/2kVRyEq

"But What Can You DO With That?"--4 Unexpected Philosophy Majors - http://bit.ly/2lr1sij

The "Useless Major" Showcase: The Liberal Arts - http://bit.ly/2l0hQFj

"Why Don't You Get a Real Job?" - http://bit.ly/2kOUn7L


12. Astra Driver

How to Get a Callback When You Don't Meet All the Qualifications Part III - http://bit.ly/2kVVxRx

How to Get a Callback When You Don't Meet All the Qualifications Part II - http://bit.ly/2kP4Nod

How to Get a Callback When You Don't Meet All the Qualifications Part I - http://bit.ly/2kagqZG

How to Find Happinees at Your Non-Dream Job - http://bit.ly/2l0nuHz


13. Abby Brokaw

The Possibilities for a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist - http://bit.ly/2ktjFYi

Reasons to Become a Medical Assistant - http://bit.ly/2kadCLU

Reasons to Choose a Career in Medical Billing & Coding - http://bit.ly/2kzdm7R

Reasons to Become a Nutritionist - http://bit.ly/2kOZu84

Reasons to Become a Registered Nurse - http://bit.ly/2kVF93i


14. Stephanie Barber

What are we doing to Gym Class? - http://bit.ly/2lvbw5M

Teaching English Online - http://bit.ly/2ly1Wjj

Substitute Teaching - All That and a Bag of Tricks - http://bit.ly/2lqQOrK

Teaching Style - Why I can't be Mr. Clark - http://bit.ly/2kzerMX

About Me - A Teacher and Teacher in Training - http://bit.ly/2kzerMX


15. Cristina Palacio

Recruitment in Colombia - http://bit.ly/2lxT3X0

Working in a third world country – Colombia - http://bit.ly/2lxZJEs

Contract for the provision of services vs employment contract. - http://bit.ly/2kP1mhh


Thanks and enjoy!

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