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I am a proven Career Coach, Resume/Profile Writer and Human Resource executive with over 20 years experience supporting business leaders and entrepreneurs with effective and compliant Talent Acquisition process and HR strategy.  

I provide my career coach clients with individualized, customized guidance and programs.  My many years of experience behind the desk of the hiring manger and HR manager, I give you real world, relevant advice on where to begin or accelerate your career search journey. Take a look at my career stats:

  • 100% of clients experience receiving interview invitations within days of posting their revised resume/Linkedin profile and applying my networking techniques. 
  • Over 95% success rate with the candidates I have placed in roles after recommending hire to the hiring manager. 
  • 5 star reviews from 100% of the hundreds of clients I have serviced over my 20 year career

For basic and premium HubCareers members I offer a discount to purchase my proven Career Search Quick-start program

  • Basic Members 10% discount 
  • Premium Members 20% discount 

Career Search Quick-start program includes the following:


  Resume/LinkedIn Profile/Cover Letter Re-write – provide a highly effective resume, profile and cover letter designed to highlight key accomplishments, transferable skills, leadership capability and personality/style that will be pull in key word & boolean searches to get you noticed by recruiters. 

  Coaching Sessions-  one on one coaching sessions designed to deliver the following:

o Session 1: Review of current resume and questionnaire (completed by client) in order to provide required data  to complete resume, profile and letter re-write. (30 minutes)

o Session 2: Career Search strategy and define Career Target (1 hour)

o Session 3: LinkedIn & Networking Strategy  (45 minutes)

o Session 4: Practice Phone Screen Interview and Feedback Session (1 hour)

o Session 5: Practice Hiring Manage Interview/Skype Video call (1 hour)


Additional Services beyond the Quick Start Program described above:

  •  Personal Introductions:
    • to my network contacts.  
    • I have specialized network within retail, merchandising, IT, fitness, marketing/creative/agency, e-commerce, & design. 
  • Salary negotiations
    • the time of your 1st offer
    • Ensure you dont undervalue yourself
    • Elements of an offer most candidates don't know are negotiable
  • Accountability Coaching 
    • Weekly coaching sessions (15-30 minutes) to monitor and assess your career search process
    • Provide additional edits to customize your resume, cover letter and follow up email communication while in the selection process for a specific role.
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