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Training can help you to advance in your current career or to transition to a new career.  Training is the gaining of knowledge, skills, ability and experience that will make you more qualified for the position you desire.  Training can be formal or informal.  It can lead to a degree, diploma, certification - or not.

In this Group we'll discuss the following and MORE:

- What training has been most valuable in your career and why?

- What are the best formal and informal training you know about?

- What training really doesn't seem to help that much and why?


Please also review these 3 great videos and articles and let us know what you think:  

- Staff Training's Crucial Role in Customer Loyalty / 

- The ripple effect of training young leaders: Fred Swaniker / 

- Can technology trump 10,000 hours of training? | Bryce Dyer / 

- Hate Formal Career Training? Go Guerrilla On It. / 

- Why Leadership Training Fails—and What to Do About It / 

- Time Management Training Doesn’t Work /


Thanks and see you inside the Job & Career Training Group!

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  •  Bob Turel : 
    So true! And after the training, it is useful to "test the water" with some mystery shoppers.
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  •  Jackie Vore: 
    Watched the first video on staff training for Customer Loyalty and found it very interesting and educational. So often companies forget that customers do have certain expectations around how they will be treated when interacting with employees and in forgetting do not train their team to properly interact with the customers. Taking time to train employees to work cohesively with customers and prioritize customers will help build customer retention and gain customer respect. I would recommend watching this videl.
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