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The Hidden Job Market is that large percentage of job openings that are available but which never get posted or advertised.  Unless you're on the 'inside', you never even have a chance to apply for these positions because they're not even visible.

In this Group we'll discuss the following and MORE:

- What is the 'hidden' job market and why do we care?

- How can we use the 'hidden' job market to our advantage?

- What is the role of personal and professional networking and other best practices to uncover the hidden job market?


Please also review these 3 great videos and articles and let us know what you think: 

- Don Asher - Cracking Hidden Job Market / 

- Job Hunting 101: Effective Job Search Techniques /

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- 6 Ways To Crack The 'Hidden' Job Market /

- 8 Tips For Successfully Penetrating The Hidden Job Market /

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Thanks and see you inside the 'Hidden Job Market' Group!

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  •  Milton Angochang: 
    i am lost
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  •  Jackie Vore: 
    Comment continued:

    5.Three principles of all job change:
    a.You get jobs by talking to people
    b.You need at least 100 leads at any given time
    i.Ideas for leads: list the people you know, alumni list at your university or college, your church list, sorority or other social groups.
    ii.If you begin reaching out to people, they are likely to give you a tip
    iii.When you have 100 leads, you are able to “abuse” one lead because you will not be afraid to lose that one lead by consistently contacting them about a position. If you only have 10 leads, you will be fearful of losing the contact and will not be as active in your pursuit.
    c.Look for work in channels – or look for a certain type of job
    i.When you have dedication to a certain topic, you develop the necessary skills for that topic
    ii.Focusing on one topic not only helps you stay focused, it helps potential employers see your dedication to one area

    6.Do not be afraid to ask people “Who do you know who would know anything about _____? You might be surprised at the connections you can make just by asking this one simple question
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  •  Jackie Vore: 
    If you have not watched the Don Asher "Cracking the Hidden Job Market" Video I highly recommend watching it. Not only is it very informative, it also is entertaining (which, let's be honest, can be difficult for this type of topic).

    Here are a few of my notes from his presentation:
    1.55%-85% of jobs go to the “hidden market”
    a.The “hidden market” are the jobs that never make it to public posting. That means that less than HALF of the jobs out there are publicly available for application
    b.The best part about the hidden job market? You do not have to be perfect.

    2.When it comes to searching for a job, if you can get 10 of your friends to introduce you to their boss you have a 2/3 chance of being hired. Getting the chance to meet the boss prior to ever applying gives you a greater chance of being selected when your resume ends up in their lap for a position.

    3.When updating your resume, put the “nouns” that pertain to the job in your resume. If you are applying for a project coordinator position, your resume better say project coordinator somewhere so the system knows to grab your name and put it into the pile.

    4.If you are pursuing a position, the right amount of contact is more than once a month, but less than once a week. The ideal amount of contact is roughly every two weeks to four weeks.
    a.Remember: The Company is a building and you are a hoard of zombies. You want to pursue the position relentlessly.
    b.If you cannot get in contact with the hiring manager, reach out to other employees. Say something along the lines of “I am would love to work for your company doing XYZ, who do I talk to about that?” This way you are building connections while also getting the information you need to send your resume to the right contact.
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  •  Daryn Edelman, CPRW: 
    Live discussion is ending. Thank you to all that showed up. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIN - you'll see great resume samples. If you are in need of a free resume analysis just ask!
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  •  Daryn Edelman, CPRW: 
    A properly done profile will have employers and recruiters find you. It is much better to have opportunities come to you, rather than spending all your time searching. I recommend professional orgs and - that is a site for all kinds of interests but you might be able to find a social group related to your career.
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