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A 'Company Insider' is someone who's actually worked for a particular company and can tell you what it's really like at that company - someone who knows the real scoop.

In this Group we'll discuss the following and MORE:

- What company have you worked for and what was the corporate culture?

- What is the best company you've ever worked for, and why?

- What is the worst company you've ever worked for, and why?


Please also review these 3 great videos and articles and let us know what you think:  

- 8 Companies Reveal Their Secret Sauce to a High-Performance Culture / 

- How Apple became a sustainable company | Fortune / 

- Dustin Moskovitz: How Asana Gets Work Done / 

- 10 Examples of Companies With Fantastic Cultures /

- The 25 Most Enjoyable Companies To Work For /

- 12 Ways to a Great Corporate Culture /


Thanks and see you inside the 'Company Insider' Group!

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  •  Jackie Vore: 
    "8 Companies Reveal Their Secret Sauce to a High-Performance Culture" was an interesting video. In so many ways, they all had the same fundamental beliefs, but at the core they are all very different. Interestingly, most of those companies seemed to be geared toward millennials as their culture reflected around flexibility and creativity. But the question is how do these companies compare to older companies with big corporate policies? So often smaller companies have the flexibility to be highly flexible, but when they grow large, can they keep the same culture and still continue to grow?
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  •  Laura Johnson: 
    I watched the "How Asana Gets Work Done" video. I use Asana with one of my clients, and I absolutely love it for project management. It's a great way to track yours and everyone else in your team's progress on an assignment. Plus, the messages you receive on Asana are also linked to your email, so you'll see everything you need to without even going on the site. Highly recommend Asana!
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  •  Tania Williams: 
    The most amazing experience of my career was when I made the decision to pursue a change in career path…From general manager and operator to Human Resource professional. I was so thrilled to pursue this new opportunity but scared to death other would find me to be a “fraud” someone so new to HR how could I possibly do my job?

    Enter the first boss who saw my potential and had a greater vision for myself than I did at the time. She trusted me, empowered me, pointed to and provided the resources I needed to learn my job and excel at it. This manager/mentor/friend created a culture within her team of direct reports that inspired al of us to go beyond our job descriptions and stretch ourselves to provide world class HR services.

    As I watched this video about the “secret sauce” to a high performance culture, I can’t help but draw parallels to the story I shared above. All of the companies highlighted in the clip had one thing in common TRUST & COMMNICATION. This leads to employees feeling secure, no fear of reprisal for taking risks, being vulnerable to learn something new and support each other during times of struggle.

    It is amazing to see these companies thrive by simply focusing on what is means to be a team – talk with each other, come from a place of trust. Even if the company culture you are in doesn’t live by these core values – you can still create that on your team. Then seek to find a company where you can transfer those skills and build something even greater!
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  •  Florin Nicolau: 
    Going over the list of "The 25 Most Enjoyable Companies To Work For", I have to say that there are so many managers and companies out there that could gain so much by only going through that list and trying to find the aspects which the cultures of those organizations have in common. I think that initiatives such as that of are of great help for not only job seekers but also companies if they choose to take that feedback into account.
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  •  Janet Eriksson: 
    I'm always interested in learning about some of the more innovative company cultures.

    This summer, during a leadership class, I got to watch a video about the company called IDEO, talking about their "deep dive" process. I noticed several of these videos are on YouTube.

    I don't know anything about the company, other than what I saw in the video, but there were a lot of great takeaways from watching how they lead their teams in "focused chaos."

    I'd love to hear about the experiences (good or bad) from anyone who has worked in a creative corporate team environment like that.
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