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Career Branding (aka Personal Branding) is the practice of packaging and marketing yourself, your abilities and your achievements in the most favorable manner so that your professional services will be desired by others.

In this Group we'll discuss the following and MORE:

- What is personal branding and why is it important?

- How do you create your own personal brand?

- What are some personal branding best practices?


Please also review these 3 great videos and articles and let us know what you think:  

- The One Thing You Really Need to Know About Personal Branding / 

- The Personal Brand of You | Rob Brown | TEDxUoN /

- How to Build Your Brand, Think Bigger and Develop Self Awareness — Gary Vaynerchuk Interview 2016 / 

- Build A Personal Brand, Not Just A Career / 

- Personal Branding 101: How to Discover and Create Your Brand / 

- 5 Steps to Build Your Personal Brand / 


Thanks and see you inside the 'Career Branding & Strategy' Group!


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  •  Jackie Vore: 
    The Personal Brand of You | Rob Brown | TEDxUoN

    This video is super quick, but very informative. It is a great way to set the foundation of your brand and how you want the world to see you.

    Here are a few notes I grabbed from the video:

    The Personal Brand of You – Rob Brown
    1.The #1 thing we are selling is ourselves
    a.You want other to choose you, date you, marry you, promote you, etc.

    2.The problem is the “noise”
    a.Our individuality gets lost in the noise of everything around us
    b.Social media has become the new inbox and takes over our lives and makes us invisible

    3.Reputation: What people see, feel, think, do, say when you are not around
    a.Your reputation is your personal Share Price on the stock market of life
    b.When your Share Price is high, people will find you, invest in you and pay for you

    4.Three things we want people to pay us:

    5.4 Things to make yourself stand out:
    a.Work your “Red Box”
    i.What is it about me that sets me apart?
    ii.Working from inside out:
    1.Character (values)
    3.Personal Brand
    b.Build your network
    i.Your network is who you know
    ii.Your reputation is who knows you
    c.Raise your profile
    i.To do this:
    ii.Make your presence more known by blogging, doing presentations, etc.
    d.Be Authentic
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  •  Florin Nicolau: 
    "The One Thing You Really Need to Know About Personal Branding" video stays true to its name, revolving around, and stressing the idea that personal branding needs to be created by drawing from personal traits which define you as a professional. Trying to build a brand around something which you are not and subsequently trying to become that someone will do more damage than help your brand.
    In my opinion, that's a great piece of advice that anyone should take into account when starting to develop a personal brand. Definetely looking forward to more videos from the creator!
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  •  Tania Williams: 
    What is your personal brand? The easiest way to identify this is to ask yourself one question:

    What is the most common topic my friends, family, colleagues ask me for help or advice?

    Take a moment and jot down the last 5 experiences you had giving solicited advice or guidance.

    Is there a common theme? Do you recall the outcome?

    From this exercise, you will be able to see a theme emerge about a skill set or expertise you have that others value.

    This is your brand, this is what makes you unique to other job seekers, employees and peers in your chosen profession. Now take this new level of self -awareness and ensure you have it illustrated LOUD & CLEAR on your resume, your social media profiles and cover letters. Prepare your elevator pitch and practice.
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  •  Jackie Vore: 
    The article about building your own brand was interesting to me especially when they said "How you perceive yourself is how companies see you". So when you take time to brand yourself, make sure that you are marketing yourself in a manner that is positive.
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  •  Jackie Vore: 
    Personal branding is how you display yourself and your abilities to businesses and companies. Personal branding is important because a business only has access to your resume. How you publicly display yourself on social media is how a company will first be exposed to you so make sure to display yourself in a manner that is professional.

    When it comes to creating your own personal brand, you can do so by creating an area for yourself on your social media. What you post on your social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ect. can show others who you are and what you believe in. Being consistent on your social media and shying from inappropriate content can help you build a strong personal brand.

    Some personal branding best practices include:
    1. Revamp your social media
    2. Become your brand
    3. Put your community before convenience
    4. Create shareable content

    For more in-depth descriptions of best practices, check out this site:
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