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The 'Best Job' you've ever had is a blessing.  You earn a living, it invigorates you and you love what you do.  There's nothing better than that!

In this Group we'll discuss the following and MORE:

- What's the best job you've ever had and why?

- What's your ideal or dream job and why?

- How do we go about getting our own dream job?


Please also review these 3 great videos and articles and let us know what you think:  

- Find your dream job without ever looking at your resume / 

- How I got the best job ever without submitting a resume | Natalie Ledbetter / 

- How to land your dream job with one email / 

-  How I Went Broke At The Best Job I Ever Had / 

- 9 Steps to Find Your Dream Job / 

- Where To Find the Best 'Smart' Jobs / 


Thanks and see you inside the 'Best Job I Ever Had' Group!

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  •  Florin Nicolau: 
    Reading "Where To Find the Best 'Smart' Jobs" offers some valuable insight into some issues concerning US economy. At the same time, the takeaway should be that you can find great jobs anywhere in the US, no matter the state you live in. It may be a time consuming search, but it's important to ensure that you have the adequate amount of information so that you don't miss out on any great opportunities in your vecinity. Who knows what game changing startups are located near you!
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  •  Jackie Vore: 
    Like Laura, I really enjoyed the "9 Steps to get your dream job" article. I think it is so important that you know exactly it is what you want to be doing for a living, but to also remember that what you are looking for will be ever evolving and will change as you begin to change.

    And whenever you have the opportunity to help someone else get into your field, try to do so! They might bring fresh and exciting ideas that you might never have thought of before.
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  •  Laura Johnson: 
    In the "9 Steps to Find Your Dream Job" article, I love when she talks about the importance of learning to sell yourself, your ideas, your skills, etc. It's something that I personally have a difficult time doing because I feel weird talking about my accomplishments.

    I prefer to show people what I can do, instead of just tell them. But, before I can show anyone anything, I have to express what I have to offer. It's a necessary part of finding the job you deserve.
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  •  Janet Eriksson: 
    "How to land your dream job with one email" is a great talk by Edward Druce. The headline alone is instructive. Of all the titles listed, that's the one I opened. Very catchy. The talk includes great samples of real pitch letters and an outline of an email that gets results.

    I had never considered how much research would go into the process of learning about the person you are pitching, and what they most need that you can provide. Not just reading "the latest," but in addition, read everything the person has ever written, watch every video recorded, and read the entire company website. I'm familiar with the strategy of offering a solution to the person's biggest problem, but I always wondered how you could really know what problem to target. That's how. Read it all.

    Edward tells us that with all that research, it could take a week just to produce one such email. And that it's worth it, to target the individual and company you would most want to work for - your dream job.
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