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LinkedIn, once thought to be exclusively for job search, is clearly becoming the social media tool for helping you do your job better, advance your career, and support your employer. The focus of this post is not how to use LinkedIn to find a new job at another company. Instead, here’s how to use LinkedIn to help you accelerate your promotion. Of course, you can’t get promoted just from being a star on LinkedIn. You need to meet the minimum eligibility requirements for the advanced role you seek. But being eligible is not enough to tip the scales in your favor. You need to go beyond meeting those requirements; you need to demonstrate value that sets you apart from the pack. And LinkedIn can help you do that.

To maximize LinkedIn and position yourself for moving up the ladder, you need to focus on the actions that will get you promoted and activate the corresponding LinkedIn features. Here’s how:

Be Visible. People who get promoted are visible and available. You may feel productive when you’re spending hours locked in your office creating “stuff.” But that’s not enough. You need to increase your visibility and show others your great ideas and accomplishments. You have to get out of your chair and build relationships. And when you’re in your chair, participate in discussions in professional groups online.

How To Use LinkedIn:

First, make sure you have a stellar LinkedIn profile that positions you for your next role. Visibility will direct eyeballs to your profile. You want to make the right impression on those who are checking you out. When you are pursuing a new role, you will undergo more scrutiny. This post will help you build a stellar LinkedIn profile.

Then, make sure you’re connected to these people:

• Everyone on your team and everyone who has an input regarding whether or not you get promoted

• Colleagues in your industry and other experts who can help you do your job better

• Revered thought-leaders in your field

Next, make a plan to post your thought-leadership on LinkedIn through updates and long-form blog posts. Create a schedule and be regular. You want to show up on the feeds of decision makers – proving to them that you are passionate about your topic and a leader in your field.

Often the visibility you created externally translates into value internally.

Be A Leader. When it comes to your expertise and your network, lead. True leaders are always willing to share their wisdom and bring others into the conversation. By becoming the go-to person everyone can count on, you’re doing much more than sharing information; you’re building trust and loyalty.

How To Use LinkedIn:

Become an active and engaged member of relevant LinkedIn groups, or better yet, create your own group and become the moderator. Invite all relevant participants. Mentor those more junior than you. Leaders build a group of fans who want to work for them. They act as leaders even if they are individual contributors. LinkedIn is the place to do that.

Be Innovative. People who get promoted don’t settle for the status quo. They refine systems and processes – adding efficiencies that deliver value. They don’t wait to be told what to do; they are perpetual advancers – always making things better.

How To Use LinkedIn:

Innovation is a byproduct of being a lifelong learner. Through LinkedIn groups and access to LinkedIn’s hand-selected thought-leaders (including Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington and Bill Gates) via Pulse, you can benchmark processes, learn best practices, keep the saw sharp, and remain relevant. You can also show up as the smartest person in the conference room! Internally implement what you learn on LinkedIn to show others that innovation is one of your brand attributes.

Be Committed.

You need to show your commitment to your organization. Those making decisions about you want to know that you’re a promoter when you’re seeking a promotion. People who are passionate, engaged brand ambassadors get promoted.

How To Use LinkedIn:

Choose your company from the LinkedIn list for the current experience element of your profile. This will make you a follower of your company page. Then, like and share all the relevant posts your company’s communications team makes on the company page. When you share these posts to your connections and appropriate groups, you amplify the visibility of those messages, support corporate branding initiatives, and show your commitment to your employer.

When you’re seeking a promotion, remember to augment all your in-house activities by taking action on LinkedIn. It’s the best way to put the spotlight on your value and make yourself stand out from all your other qualified co-workers.

William Arruda is a partner in CareerBlast, a video platform and virtual coach.


Source: Forbes

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