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Visualize Your Resume

Disturbing fact: If you apply for a job, make it through the automated resume filter, and a real person looks at your resume, potential employers will likely take the additional step of looking you up online. With 77% of employers Googling you,1 why not use that to your advantage? Having a LinkedIn account is par for the course, but taking the next step and creating a visual infographic resume, online portfolio, or a personal landing page will help you stand out from your competition, with the additional benefit of having more control over what is found about you on the Internet.

Utilizing an infographic resume is a simple and easy way to breathe life into your generic Word document resume. Having one may even compel an employer to spend more time reviewing your credentials than the fleeting six second-period2 prospective employers usually spend poring over each traditional resume. Furthermore, an online portfolio that showcases your qualifications shows that you truly “walk the walk,”  as opposed to having just a traditional resume that has you merely “talking the talk.” Finally, with a personal landing page, you can create a professional looking personal website that not only has personality, but also acts as a central hub connecting your resume, portfolio, and pertinent social media information, all in one convenient location. Creating an infographic resume, online portfolio, or personal landing page require a bit of effort, but if done well, can help you land your next big gig. Below, we present the websites and tools that should help you clinch this with minimal effort.

Infographic Resumes

Infographic resumes present data from your traditional resumes in a visually appealing way and allow prospective employers to quickly scan your experience, skills and education. We don’t advise that you completely replace your resume with an infographic, but it can be a great support tool that enhances your traditional resume by providing a visual story of our experience. visual resumes.
Let prospective employees have fun reviewing your resume with, pronounced “review,” makes it simple for anyone to create an infographic resume, a compelling visual representation of your career, education and skills. And it does so quickly by pulling data directly from your LinkedIn account. Information can also be added manually but is not necessary if your LinkedIn page is up to date. The platform’s graphics and charts are eye-catching, allowing profiles to be easily scanned in a few seconds. Your career highlights are presented at the top, while other useful information, like spoken languages, personal interests and testimonials are at the bottom. You can also showcase your past work by uploading project files or creating custom links to external content. Your profile background is also customizable, but a personal photo seems to work well. Finally, offers page traffic statistics and free tools to promote your profile.

Unique Selling Point Lots of customization options
LinkedIn Integration Yes
Effort Required Minimal
Portfolio Capability File hosting, custom links
Cost Free resumes/profiles.
Load up your information quickly and have fun figuring out how to best display it with

Just like, creates a one-page infographic resume with just a click by pulling data from your LinkedIn account. Once your data has been imported, most of your time will be spent customizing your infographics and data visualizations. offers many cool visualization and graphics options. These include using a world map to demonstrate your language abilities and displaying your work experience with separate briefcases, each representing a year on the job. A profile can easily be scanned in a few seconds and reformatted for printing. does not provide the ability to upload work samples but you can provide this via custom URLs. Page statistics are also available via a personal dashboard. is currently free, but if you do want to donate some funds, you can purchase personalized resume t-shirts via their online store.

Unique Selling Point Highly dependent on Linkedin
LinkedIn Integration Yes
Effort Required Minimal
Portfolio Capability Custom URLs
Cost Free

Online Portfolios

Having solid credentials is great, but proving you have the skills required for a position is what gets you a job. You can do this by showcasing your work in an online portfolio. A portfolio is essential for many creative career paths, but these days, it’s always a plus regardless of your career or expertise. The following tools can showcase many different types of content including: written articles, PowerPoint presentations, videos, Excel models, or website designs.


Linkedin profiles.
LinkedIn is the forerunner to all of the awesome visual resume tools out there today and is still keeping with the times.

This past May, LinkedIn added a portfolio feature to user profiles.3 It is perhaps the best place to showcase what you can do since it is used by over 225 million people around the world and is the go-to site for recruiters and headhunters.4 If you do not have a LinkedIn profile yet, then stop reading this article and go make one. Having an up-to-date LinkedIn profile is just as important as having a resume. It is a great networking platform and is one of the best tools you can use to connect with people who can help you land jobs.

Unique Selling Point Largest professional social network in the world!
Effort Required Moderate
Portfolio Capability File hosing, Custom Links
Cost Free resumes/profiles
You can port your whole life’s work to a single page. is an easy to use platform that helps you show the world what you are about. It provides a personal platform that you can use to represent yourself and showcase your work. Profiles have single page layouts and resemble a personal blog or tumblr. If you are looking to really customize your profile, then is NOT the platform for you as all profiles have a standardized design. But with, you can showcase all of your work samples, including videos, and link to your resume, all in one place.

Unique Selling Point Create a blog-style portfolio
LinkedIn Integration Yes
Effort Required Minimal
Portfolio Capability Custom URLs
Cost Freemium, $4.99/month, $47.99/year


Accredible is the perfect tool for demonstrating skills from course work.

Accredible lets you create a portfolio for proof of skills, projects, or online courses so you can put them on your resume with confidence. It is particularly useful, especially for skills picked up in a traditional academic environment or online course. For each skill you list on your profile, you can add photographs, documents, or videos to back up your claim that you can actually do what you list on your resume. Accredible profiles are very easy to navigate and every skill gets a credibility ranking that depends on attached notes, coursework, videos, and endorsements.

Unique Selling Point Adding visual support to course work
LinkedIn Integration Yes
Effort Required High
Portfolio Capability Hosts files
Cost Free

Personal Landing Pages

A personal landing page is a one-stop shop that unifies all of your online profiles. It can be used to promote your professional self, sell your freelance services, or simply provide a personalized biography like those that can be viewed on a dating site. Personal landing pages are easy-to-create alternatives to full-fledged websites, which are specially useful for the coding impaired.
With, you can tie your whole online persona together. is a popular landing page service and is easy to use. The site’s profile layouts are standardized, but the fonts, colors, and background are all customizable. To really make the most of your page, you will need a professional looking hi-resolution photo. Your photo will also aid people in finding you in the directory, as it is the only thing anyone sees when browsing the directory. Although does not present your resume or portfolio, you can easily link to them with custom URL slots. You can also port your LinkedIn profile in a resume format if desired. Most features are free, including basic page statistics. For a monthly fee, however, you can remove all branding, get a custom domain, use google analytics, and receive priority support.

Unique Selling Point Creates simple yet great looking profile pages
LinkedIn Integration Yes
Effort Required Minimal
Portfolio Capability Custom URLs
Cost Freemium, $4/month is a personal landing page with interactive infographics. is another landing page service that is very similar to but provides more customization options, allowing for more creative and unique profiles. profiles display a single photograph or piece of artwork in the background, but have modal information links layered on top, which only display information when clicked. If you are unsatisfied with’s spartan profile, then is for you. Keep in mind though that it takes more effort and creativity to create a unique page. Most of services are free, but upgrading to $20 a year provides a mobile site, real time page stats, more customization options, and a custom URL.

Unique Selling Point Lots of customization options
LinkedIn Integration Yes
Effort Required Minimal
Portfolio Capability Hosts files
Cost Freemium, $20/year

Linking it all together…

Standing out in today’s job market is critical; and enhancing your online presence with a visual resume, online portfolio, or personal landing page can really help you accomplish that.5 display your resume in a much friendlier and easier to read format, something that can help you land a job. Online portfolios are used to showcase your work and are a better testimony of your skill than the text listed on your resume. And finally, personal landing pages can be used in conjunction with both resume enhancers as a connection point for all of your online profiles. All three are very easy to create, so there’s no excuse for not getting started on them today.

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