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As a full time college student who is currently out of school for the holidays, I must say I'm bored. I was incredibly burned out from doing massive amounts of homework as well as freelance job assignments, and I craved a break so badly. Now that I have ne
Kendra Nuttall 12.26.2016 2 296

With jobless rates at one of their lowest in almost a decade it seemss like now is the time to get into the ring. Many companies are hiring and actually having difficulty filling all of their positions with qualified candidates. The trick is to figure out
Derek Stegelmeier 04.12.2017 1 200

First, I've always wanted to start a blog with more on my personal life, but this time, I would like to write about my professional life and my search for a career to use my skills that I have acquired through work and life experience. My thoughts through
Susan Skoubo 03.09.2017 0 196

Sometimes the career 180 can go “backwards,” as it were. Most stories we hear are that of a famous actor, comedian, writer, etc., having majored in business or accounting, only to abandon that path and go for something less conventional and “useful.” Somet
Allison Dawson 02.10.2017 1 192

Many job seekers go through a plethora of emotional phases while being unemployed, especially if they have been looking for any real length of time for a career.  There are many hurdles to overcome and each hurdle is unique to the job seeker. Although each
Krystal Woolley 02.02.2017 0 185

It’s that time again! I shall again pick a random liberal arts major, and then enumerate either the famous people in possession of such a degree, or the lucrative and unexpected things one might do with that major. So, let us see, let us see...ah, yes, the
Allison Dawson 12.31.2016 1 382

Everyone knows the old adage: "The customer is always right", but the question we will be discussing today is whether or not the customer is, in fact, always right.  For almost 100 years, business have worked under the belief that the customer is always ri
Jackie Vore 12.12.2016 2 231

You’re majoring in English, you tell a friend. ‘Oh, so you’re going to teach?” comes the inevitable reply. And yes, while many who spend four years reading classic works of literature often end up teaching on the elementary and high school, assuming everyo
Allison Dawson 12.02.2016 1 206

Does majoring in the liberal arts doom you to a narrow career path of teaching (or, getting a doctorate, and then teaching)? While many who choose to study the Great Books want nothing better to share what they learned with the coming generation, there are
Allison Dawson 11.19.2016 2 268

An offshoot of interior design is to specialize in corporate and business environments. If you are in charge of renovation and are not trained in this field, you may need some help. You not only have to hire a professional, but you must approve preliminary
Carol Kay 08.22.2017 0 442