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Philosophy is simultaneously one of the most versatile and most constricting of the the liberal arts majors, at least when it comes to one’s job prospects upon graduation. Any sort of career in the discipline itself requires at least a Master’s degree and
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Now, we’ve looked at what an English major can do with his degree, now let us see what some successful people have done with their English major. Again, majoring in English does not doom you to a career in teaching. Indeed, the focus on stories and fiction
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Sometimes the career 180 can go “backwards,” as it were. Most stories we hear are that of a famous actor, comedian, writer, etc., having majored in business or accounting, only to abandon that path and go for something less conventional and “useful.” Somet
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It’s that time again! I shall again pick a random liberal arts major, and then enumerate either the famous people in possession of such a degree, or the lucrative and unexpected things one might do with that major. So, let us see, let us see...ah, yes, the
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Popular comedian Jim Gaffigan has had an unusual, rather circuitous path towards a career in stand-up comedy. Coming from a conservative, Midwestern family, he majored in finance, working in accounting and advertising before making his big break as a comed
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You’re majoring in English, you tell a friend. ‘Oh, so you’re going to teach?” comes the inevitable reply. And yes, while many who spend four years reading classic works of literature often end up teaching on the elementary and high school, assuming everyo
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Ah, Thanksgiving! A time to absent ourselves from the daily grind, reconnecting with friends, family, and our inherent proclivities for gluttony. We, as a culture, do hoard our free time and vacation days, despite the emphasis placed on productivity and pr
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Does majoring in the liberal arts doom you to a narrow career path of teaching (or, getting a doctorate, and then teaching)? While many who choose to study the Great Books want nothing better to share what they learned with the coming generation, there are
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The general cultural supposition has been that liberal arts majors offer a poor, or no, return on investment. When counselling their high school senior in the the choice of a college major, most parents, guardians, mentors insist he pick something more "us
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Anyone who chooses something other than an office job will inevitably face, if not from their parents, then from well-meaning friends and relatives, a certain slew of questions: “what are you going to do with that?”, “can you make any money with that?”, an
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