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Senior year in college, everyone dreams of that perfect high tech job, a position in teaching, a career in health care or medicine, or going to grad school to become an engineer, CEO, accountant, or office administration. We all wanted the same jobs so the
Carol Kay 3 days ago 0 4

Marketing and communications are popular college majors. The field seems vast and open ended. Every company with a product or service needs an expert. It doesn’t matter if it is strictly on line or a brick and mortar enterprise. Graduates in this area are
Carol Kay 10 days ago 0 17

This might seem weird to have in a business blog, but I think it is important, especially when going through the news and seeing what is happening in the world today, to reiterate how important it is to follow your faith.   As long as it doesn't harm anyon
Adriana Rodrigues 10 days ago 0 14

I think this is one of the most important pieces of advice that I have stumbled upon. Not only did I take the time to get my degree to insure a bit of my future, learn languages and regularly train and work on them to develop them to the best of my ability
Adriana Rodrigues 10 days ago 0 13

Though it might seem cliche and you have probably heard it a million times before, being different, acknowledging your uniqueness, is one of the most important things you can do. Finding what sets you apart from others can be your best attribute and your m
Adriana Rodrigues 10 days ago 0 13

Now that I have left the traditional workforce as a staff member (or underling as I used to call it), I am now the one running the human resources department and doing the interviewing of job candidates. We all made mistakes on our first interviews, but yo
Carol Kay 14 days ago 0 26

Picture three or four giggling women entrenched by the punch bowl. They have mouths wide open and eyes expanded as if they just heard the funniest joke. Others stop to take a glance and find out what the ruckus is about. In another corner of the room, a co
Carol Kay 07.24.2017 0 49

This subject borders on a serious legal issue in offices. Employees are often asked to sign a certain type of agreement when they are hired. In fact, it is a condition of employment. While some people hesitate to sign anything they don’t understand, it is
Carol Kay 07.18.2017 0 66

I have travelled the world and have done so many different things. I have worked in many different places, ranging from doing odd jobs and jobs that really followed my passion.    I have met many different people, spoken many different languages and lived
Adriana Rodrigues 07.12.2017 0 53

I am a true believer in the fact that you can get accustomed to, or get used to just about any place. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, and not everywhere is enjoyable. But for instance, I have lived in five different countries. That’s fiv
Adriana Rodrigues 07.12.2017 0 51

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