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So often, presenters begin by jumping right into the subject at hand and potentially losing their audience's interest before it has had a chance to be fostered.
Just as in an effective marketing pitch to a networking group, changing your opening to pose a question will capture and be of far greater interest to your audience. For instance, if you were attempting to convey how powerful the visual medium is in getting your marketing messages out, you might ask, how would you like to increase your market share while reducing your advertising costs?
Then you go about explaining your service or products that specifically will help them accomplish what you asked. Asking a question before launching into your story sets the stage for everything you will say from that point forward.
Whatever you do, tell your story with all the passion you can muster! Nothing excites listeners like enthusiasm. This comes from your vocal variety as well as the words you use to entice the listeners.
Make sure you look at your audience! The secret to effective eye contact is to avoid scanning your audience, and instead focus on selected audience members for a few seconds before adjusting your gaze to another part of the crowd. Looking at one person automatically makes others surrounding your target as if you are addressing them as well.
When you want your story to offer a picture, you must create that visualization through your use of word pictures. Imagery is profoundly important in providing a setting for your story and if done effectively can transport your audience to your setting so they become part of your story.
The final piece of effective presenting is to close by leaving your audience with the message you wanted to convey, or to take action based on information you have provided, or to just have enjoyed a story that made a point to which they can relate.
Everyone has a story to tell, and you can do that even while your advertising your business. I'll look for you around the campfire for your captivating story!


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