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Where to Find Freelance Jobs

So you want to start freelancing? And have no idea where to begin? Fortunately, it's actually very simple to get started! No one thinks of freelancing as being a job market with a high-demand, but there are in fact freelance job openings all over the place, even in places you probably didn't imagine.

Have you ever looked at flyers posted throughout college campuses? There are often boards full of job ads, often including freelance work, such as writing, tutoring, or graphic design. There are also job boards located in other public places, such as some grocery stores, libraries, and community centers. Take advantage of these boards, because these jobs are often not posted online, and if you don't look for jobs physically, you could very well be missing out on a large chunk of job opportunities.

Another way to find freelance work, is of course, to look online. This is the most popular option, but the drawback, is that there will be a lot of competition, especially on more well-known websites. The most well-known websites for freelance jobs, are,, and These sites are great, as they are filled with thousands, even millions, of jobs. But, if you go the route of a popular website, you will have to face competition, scams, and frequent low rates for jobs that should pay a lot more. If you choose one of these sites, you might have to sacrifice quality for quantity. Of course, a major upside to having quantity, is being able to pick and choose between jobs. It's okay to be picky, because there will likely be several more opportunities available. You can also learn how to avoid scams (read my previous post) and you can reject jobs with low rates or attempt to negotiate with a client.

A lesser known online option, is to look at Craiglist ads, as well as the ads of local classifieds. This functions much like physical job boards, but it's more convenient, since you can search for local job opportunities without leaving your home. There are always people looking for freelancers, especially photographers, musicians, and designers. There should be no shortage of work to find on your local classifieds.

As a freelance writer, I've stuck to using popular websites to find my work, because writing jobs are often more difficult to come by from local job postings. I've had great success working online, and whatever route you choose, I'm sure you can find success too! There are always jobs available if you just look hard enough for them. As a freelancer, you must learn how to be creative in your approach to finding work, and always search as thoroughly as possible; you never know where your next amazing job might come from!


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