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When your team becomes your family

If there was one thing better than being able to wake up every day and do the one thing you love the most, it is being able to do it with people that you love.


Coming from different backgrounds and places, it can be quite an adjustment. Especially if you don't speak the language! But being able to eventually come out of your shell and be yourself with people that accept you, (especially since they usually spend every waking moment with you), is a beautiful process to be a part of.


I think the hardest thing with my career is that it IS constantly changing. Especially in women's football, in most cases contracts are usually contained to just one season (usually one year), and sometimes even shorter. This means you have to enter in the team, make all the adjustments and eventually create a bond with your teammates all in one year. It seems that once you hit that level of connection with them, especially if you hadn't known them before, you have a short time to enjoy that stage with them.


So I have learned to make the most of it, to not be afraid of showing yourself, to not be afraid of making mistakes with different languages, to just SPEAK! To try and give friendships all kinds of shots, to just keep trying to make relationships happen. Because at the end of the day, you won't regret that you didn't give it a shot. 


In my career, you have a limited time with your workmates, so limited in fact, that some people don't even bother to make meaningful relationships. But I've learned that that's what life's about. Because even when it's not going so well on the field or in the workplace, you still have those meaningful connections with the people you see every day, and that helps you keep going, it makes it all worth it on days when you can't take it.


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