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When you lose


There will be those games or those times where inevitably, unfortunately, and undeserving, you will lose.


Whether it will be in real life or if you are also in competitive jobs as well, you will come across a time where things won't go your way. Even though you do everything you possibly can in that moment, on that day, in that game, it's possible that the results might still swing the other way.


There's two attitudes to take on and go about this when you are faced with a loss in your life. You can either admit defeat at the first hard blow... Or you can go down fighting. If I were a warrior, I would want to choose the second option. So that's why I live by those words. I give by my best, so if I lose, or if I am injured or if I find myself on the bench, I can still say that I've done my best and gone down fighting.


There is a saying in this series I'm watching called the 100. They have a native people's language that is made up for the show, but I love one saying they have.


They say: "Ge smak daun, gyon op nodotaim". It means Get smacked down, get back up.


This is very motivating and important to live by. Once you accept the fact that there will be times when you do get smacked down, then you need to make a decision. For we do not control what happens to us sometimes, we can't control if we get pushed down, or if we fail. But we can control our attitude after the fact. We control how we react to having our faces in the dirt. We either stay down or we get back up.


"Ge smak dunn, gyon op nodotaim."

Adriana Rodrigues 02.25.2017 0 154
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