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Time Management on the Job

Time management is the skill of successful people. Time and management are buzz words for getting control of one’s life to achieve results with efficiency. It is a concept with a lot of history behind it and ample advice. It is all about making space in one’s life for all the necessary tasks that fill the hours. Most of it involves work activity, but personal pastimes also come into play.  

Time is the point or period at which things occur. Clock time is literal. Real time is relative and subjective. It can seem to pass more slowly or quickly. Generally, when you are having fun, it seems to go too fast! When you are at the dentist’s office, it can drag. Because real time is a perception you create mentally, you can control and alter it.

Time management: a form of goal-setting and life planning to maximize success. It involves honing decision-making skills, tried and true short cuts, and daily organization. Keeping logs, scheduling activity, and analyzing results form the core of a solid program. Time management is also a form of problem-solving and systematic thinking that can lessen the load and maximize efficiency.

Adopting a time management system will help you respect time and take it seriously. It will open avenues for improved productivity and a bounty of beneficial results. Time is a precious resource not to be used unwisely. It is hard to take back lost time. Welcome the opportunity to manage it. Time management is an art and a science.

The 20/80 Rule

This rule is common folklore and a key metric: in most companies 20% of employees make up 80% of the profits. A lot of people don't pull their weight. What separates the stars from the "also-rans?" What do they know that you don't: time management? You can look personally at:

            What activities are most productive in terms of a % of your time

            What % of your skills are core at optimum levels

            What % of people you interact with are most affected by your actions

            What % of your time do you give to family and what % to work

Why not focus on activities that produce the best outcome and eliminate what wastes time! Don’t dwell on your weaknesses which will bring you down. Focus on the positive potential contained within and be proud of what you can do, want to do, and strive to do. Usually, the first thing you read about time management is prioritizing goals and setting directions. Knowing it works, why don’t more people take this road? It is apparent that you can’t accomplish everything at one time and you have to set an agenda that ranks tasks in some kind of order. What comes to mind first are your priorities. The rest is secondary.

Now you need to assess whether you are happy or unhappy with your time allocation and if you want to do something concrete about it. Changing your ratio is entirely up to you. You can juggle many balls so don’t be afraid to do so. The ability to multi-task is a boon for most people if it results in positive productivity.

Possible interpretations of your scores: 

60/40               you may be on the verge of becoming a workaholic

50/50               ideal allocation of time between work and home life.

20/80               heavy on the home life which may be taking a toll at work

30/70               light on the work side which may inhibit advancement



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