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The Day "One Day" Arrives

Though it might just be three years since you decided what you want to be, or you might have known since you were six, there has passed a certain amount of time from that point to where you are now.

During this period, this period of ups and downs, of seeing the finish line, of self-doubt, there are so many days that pass by where at one point you find yourself saying: "One day, I will..."

"One day, I will hold my teaching degree, and sit behind my desk at the front of the classroom."

"One day, I will ride in the back of the ambulance, trying to save as many lives as I can."

"One day, I will lace up my cleats and step onto the field as a professional athlete."

Those sentences are the thoughts that keep you going no matter what you are going through. And as we know, sitting here as actual professionals in the fields that we always dreamed about, our one day has finally come.

Some might have just missed it, because of well, life. Transitional periods and bills and actual sticky situations in which you don't have the time to realize what has happened, until it has happened, might be reasons why you didn't get your moment.

Take the time to be grateful. Take the time to appreciate and give yourself the respect and rewards that you deserve to feel because of all the hard work you've put in to make your dreams become a reality. That One Day, may have come and passed, but if you are still living your dream, make sure to take the time and relish in in that something that you have worked so damn hard for.

My past in my career was founded on the hope of "One Day", and three years ago, my One Day finally came.

Adriana Rodrigues 01.18.2017 0 154
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