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The Career Dream I killed

I used to be a professional guitar player.  People tell you your whole life to follow your dreams.  What does that even mean?  Well, I will tell you.  It means playing until your fingers bleed.  It means band practice four nights a week and live three-hour shows three nights a week.  It means $100 a night per gig, if you’re lucky.  It means you turn thirty and you’re still sleeping on your mom’s couch.  It means a part of that innocent beautiful desire to become something great and create smooth salacious sounds on your sexy six string dies a little, each day and each night. 

Your music soul’s death of 1000 cuts slices deeper each time you realize you’re not going to make it.  Why would anyone do this?  They do this because they see some rock star on TV, and that eye liner must be going to his head because he looks right in the camera and says, “If you believe in yourself, you can do anything, and be just like me.”  Well I hate to pull back the curtain, kids, but he’s no wizard at all.  Whoever says that you can make it, tells you to “keep playing” and “don’t give up” when you’re holding down two jobs to get out of your mother’s house, just because you thought working hard and playing in bands would pay off, is a sadistic soothsayer. 

DO NOT listen to these people.  DO NOT listen to the golden god rock star on TV.  LISTEN to this: If you want to become a musician you may stop loving music, murder your dream and find a group on the way up, then kill the guitar player so you can take their place in the band.  You will find some super slimy manager, who would throw in his kids if it would close the deal, and he will sell your band out to any major label that will take you.  You will sell your soul to the devil to write a pop song that breaks every major album or download record and then go on tour until you can’t keep what city you are currently in straight. 

I PROMISE YOU, this is the only way to get you what you want. Massacre your dream and defile your musical soul with record contracts, greedy companies that will screw you over and sign that contract with the man downstairs.  But don’t worry, when the devil comes to collect and takes you down to hell, everyone there is gonna be singing your song, baby. (as told by Adam Strauss)


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06.26.2017 (758 days ago)
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