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The 2 Best Email Tools Ever! That Help You Track Down the Right People to Talk to.

 Personally, I don't necessarily recommend the following approach as a 'standard procedure' per se. Because it's more likely to backfire on you than to help, and can potentially (actually probably) make you look bad to the wrong people when you're doing the interviewing and hiring process. 


Some people disagree, and here's where it gets interesting.

Oh if you don't know what I'm referring to I'm talking about this strategy where you find out who's the 'leading decision maker' in the HR department of the company you're interviewing with and then you go directly to them and hopefully impress them with your bag of tricks enough to get them to just hire you quickly and get it over with. 

Ya...that's the jist of it.

Obviously, you can probably see right away how that's not always a good idea!

Maybe you catch the guy at a bad time in a bad mood and he decides to take it out on you by canning your candidacy right then and there. Maybe you find the wrong guy or the wrong information, and now you look like an epic moron because you tried to play it off all suave and cool by trying to go around your recruiter when really just dead-ended yourself! Or maybe the company just simply doesn't like it when you go outside of the normal procedure...I mean, after all, they came up with this process themselves. And it would kind of make sense that they prefer that everyone follows the script right? It would also just simply make sense that someone higher up on the corporate 'chain of command" may not be happy dealing with someone who they perceive to be lesser in rank/stature than they are right? I mean, seriously, wouldn't this be like knocking on the door of the White House for some high school kid who's trying to join the military???

Anyway, it's not really important at this point because if you are still reading this you've probably already made the decision to do so and there's nothing anyone can say or do that's going to stop you.'s the 2 best email tools you'll need to go about this.

1) Rapportive

Here! Watch this first!

OK I realize that that guy in the video was kinda boring and not very interesting to listen to.

So I'll just sum up what Rapportive is and how you can use it very quickly.

Basically, Rapportive checks the email address that you typed into your Gmail account (does not work for anything other than Gmail), and then cross references that with a database of email addresses connected with Linkedin accounts. And the whole purpose of doing this is so that it tells you who you are emailing before you actually send the email.


That's pretty much all it does. It just tells you who the email belongs to. If it belongs to anyone, and who's Linkedin it's tied to if it does belong to someone.

Nifty little feature to make sure that you're not sending it to someone who's completely the wrong person. 

2) Yesware

And here's another one of these.

Anyway, this tool's a little more unorthodox because, technically, Yesware was designed and meant for sales and sales-related functions. 


...obviously, you can see how this may be useful in your repertoire as well.

Now, personally, I happen to think that the 'check email open' feature and the ability to save a draft of an email and then use it multiple times by changing the variables that you listed as the 'changeable' terms are the 2 most useful features.

For the first one you'll know if they're getting through to someone and when they are opening it and how often. That way you can plan your follow up email/contact accordingly.

And for the second one it's easy to see how writing a template out and then making quick and easy revisions on the go might save you a lot of time in the long run.

Anyways, by now I've give you enough information on how to make good on these 2 tools. So instead of spending more time on my writing I think it's about time that you spend time on your job searching.

Good luck!

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