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Recruitment in Colombia

Unemployment in Colombia is supposed to be high (7,5% unemployed and looking for jobs in December 2016), but my experience in hiring was completely opposite. 

As head of human resources in a very important construction company, I had to recruit and hire people for all different kinds of jobs: administrative, commercial, professionals and laborers and for every one of those positions it was a big challenge to find a fit.

First, when I posted the opening in the jobs websites I was as clear as possible with the minimum requirements for the position and I always asked people not to apply if they did not meet the requirements. Nevertheless, when I checked the people who applied (an the number was always considerably low), 90% of them didn't meet the minimum requirements and weren't even close to them (an is not like I was asking too much, I'm taking about looking for an environmental engineer and had people applying without even having a college degree).

Now, with the 10% that did meet the requirements, I started calling them to ask them a few questions and if they met some criteria, I scheduled an interview.

After a few times doing this, I learnt two things: the first one: is better to interview them all, because over the telephone some people appear to be something they are not and the second one: there is nothing like a group interview and the reason for that is very simple: for every ten interviews I scheduled, only half attended, so it was better to have them all together at the same time, than giving them separate appointments and then having a lot of "holes" between one an other. 

Finally and even after all this effort, some times none of the candidates were what the company was looking for and I had to start over, or look somewhere else, but at the end of the day, recruiting was a very difficult task and even so, you kept hearing in the streets how high the unemployment was and how many good people were looking for jobs. 


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