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Recognition should not be your drive.

Though we can all agree that any type of award, any type of spoken or written positive attribution to your work definitely feels good, it should not be your type of motivation. 


We all like being recognized for the work we do, for what we put all of our efforts in and what we work on day in and day out. We all need the affirmation of doing a good job and knowing that what we try and contribute to this world is being noticed. However, these words, these pats on our backs or awards shouldn't be the main reason for what we do what we do.

Find the reason beneath all the madness. Find the reason for why you wake up in the morning, why you put on your shoes and head out the door. No matter what that reason is, make sure it is a strong one. Make it a pulling force that will drag you to work every morning if it has to. Find your reason and stick to it. Remind yourself of it, maybe even keep a small trinket or picture around, a quote on your phone or the name of a person or whatever it is that you will see constantly. This will help you remember why you are working as hard as you are.


Finding a reason behind the things you do, the goals you try to achieve and the work you do will help keep yourself motivated and centered. A piece of jewelry, a background on your phone, a post-it note on your computer could be all it takes to remind you of what that reason is.



Even though recognition: bonuses, awards, promotions, are all great, positive things in our lives, they should not be our drive. They should not be the reason for why you do what you do.

Adriana Rodrigues 03.11.2017 0 175
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