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Perfecting your brand name

No matter what your product is, whether it is a computer software, medicinal tablets, or even yourself, you have to not only persuade and push your brand, you have to believe it. Even though some may say they are in it just for the salary, or if their product isn't actually something they are passionate about, it doesn't necessarily mean you can go about selling it in a lacklustre way.


If it is almost impossible to connect with your brand or product, try and find the one reason to sell it. For instance, make a competition out of it, even if it is against yourself. Be the best at what you do, even if it just means beating your last year’s sales. 


Of course, it is easier when you have found something that you can relate to, or even better, are passionate about. Even if you cannot connect with your product, you can approach the sale as if you are selling yourself. And if you do not believe in yourself, or if you do not try to be the best you can be every day, then you really should rethink your purpose. 


As an athlete, I am my own brand name. For instance, of course, I represent my team, my club, my staff, even the brand name of my uniform or equipment, but at the end of the day, I receive the consequences of my actions. The way I train, behave and carry myself has a direct impact on the outcome of my game or how much time I play. It directly affects my relationship with my coach, my teammates and the rest of the staff. It can even affect my salary and my career in a whole. Especially since my sport deals with lots of people and the chemistry we have together, having a good attitude and being able to work with others is extremely important. So, Adriana Rodrigues, my brand name is very important to me to represent with character and a good attitude, and why I try and invest my best in it every single day.

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