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Office Design

An offshoot of interior design is to specialize in corporate and business environments. If you are in charge of renovation and are not trained in this field, you may need some help. You not only have to hire a professional, but you must approve preliminary and final designs. I suggest you interview at least three companies and compare their proposals. You are looking for a suitable layout for the office at a fair price. It is not as simple as choosing the cheapest bid. It may not come with the best plan for the usage of your space.

After discussing what management wants in the way of a new look, you will want to narrow down choices based upon an agreed-upon theme and style. If the boss wants ultra-modern, you won’t look for traditional décor such as French country or oriental. Just because he or she wants a conservative appearance, it doesn’t mean that some innovative concepts can’t be thrown into the mx. In other words, it takes a lot of thought before you settle on one approach. The theme will be reflected in the color palette, the selection of furnishing and fixtures, and the various major and minor details.

Palette means a range of hues to be used throughout the space. Usually one basic color is enhanced by others in a similar tone. If you want more pop than the usual beige scheme, you can do accent walls in brighter shades. Your designer might suggest this based on the parameters you indicate. They will also hone in on textures, especially in the carpets, and window coverings. Sliding shades are popular these days instead of bulky drapes or shutters.

Let your design team know how many private offices you need and how many other employees to accommodate. You may get a bullpen suggestion in various dimensions from which to choose. You must also describe your needs for a conference room or a break space in which the water and coffee are houses. You will have to give your opinion on an open concept for the lobby or a more defined area. There is clearly a myriad of decisions to make. Accepting the preliminary plans is only the beginning of the process. The designers will take into consideration traffic flow and privacy first and foremost. They may discuss options with employees to take the pulse of their feelings.

At the end, there is the issue of plants and artwork. Area rugs may be a possibility if you have elected to install tile in the entrance. The desk and credenza objects will be the most fun to select. If you are a brokerage firm, you may purchase glass bulls. If you are another type of company, you may want to show awards and achievements. Anything goes.

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