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Odd Ball Jobs

Senior year in college, everyone dreams of that perfect high tech job, a position in teaching, a career in health care or medicine, or going to grad school to become an engineer, CEO, accountant, or office administration. We all wanted the same jobs so the competition was fierce. We expected to earn a lot of money. I learned the hard way after several applications were rejected, that you have a better chance of obtaining an odd ball placement. For those of you out there not already on the fast tract, don’t overlook possibilities that aren’t so obvious. There are ways to become an entrepreneur and open your own business with little funds or you can work in anything from the fashion industry and retail to running an art gallery or book store. The point is to get out there in the workplace and make a living. You can later move on.

Think outside the box as I did in my twenties. I got a job in a prestigious art gallery in Los Angeles and my life was never the same again. During the years employed, I got to meet famous collectors like Jack Nicholson and Bruce Springsteen (I held his new baby at the time). I had drinks with famous songwriters and authors who frequented my workplace. Even if you don’t live in a big city, you still will encounter a cast of characters you never dreamed you’d meet. The artists alone are worth the experience. There are some other pluses. I had to haul huge ten foot paintings around for customer viewing. What a way to build muscle and keep in shape! The gallery was so big with wide-open spaces that we offered yoga classes every morning.

I had other careers although I wouldn’t have minded staying on. Life offers so many opportunities if you let the door open to new experience. Oddball jobs abound if you agree to start at the bottom. I don’t mean working in the mailroom either. You can work for a sports team in public relations. You can manage a local theater, become a masseur or trainer, start a food coop, train pets, apprentice to work on race cars, or perform behind-the-scenes functions on a movie set.  I know a woman who scouted film and TV locations and did quite well. You can edit a magazine or website, cater weddings, find and sell antiques, or make and repair jewelry. The sky is the limit. You meet people and network so that you can open up your horizon. Remember, then, that the oddball job is your friend.

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