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My Daily Search For Experience

First, I've always wanted to start a blog with more on my personal life, but this time, I would like to write about my professional life and my search for a career to use my skills that I have acquired through work and life experience.

My thoughts through my journey would be to tackle "On the job experience for a position I would love" versus "My various résumé job titles."  

Employers would like a person to not only have college degrees, but a targeted work experience in their field with a low wage (most times). 

I've always believed that employers would want to train a person, with basic skills, to their company procedures, policies, etc. To their benefit, they will have exactly what they prefer. 

With all of my job titles, experience, on-line courses to better myself, I can not get into a company that will help train me to their computer program systems. When I say, "All my job titles." I mean all of my self-employed work and nursing work. 

Well, basically in my next blog, would be why I want to change my course in life, use my creative skills, willing to go the distance in problem solving and integrating my work experience into a new fulfilling, positive work environment.

I would be willing to take the wages offered just to get my foot in the door and work my way up.  



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