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Mixing Glamour and Medicine

If you want a job that is unique and a hybrid of the best of several fields, cosmetic dermatology is your game. It combines beauty products and procedures while it promotes the health of the skin. Many such practices do peels and facials, attack adult acne, and erase lines and wrinkles. It is great to work around happy patients who look younger and more rested. It is a fun career pursuit and can be lucrative if you can instruct patients on the application of creams.

Believe it or not, I had this job. Among the several positions I have held, this was one of the most rewarding. I worked for a top dermatologist in Beverly Hills who had innovated a line of products that is known worldwide. With the success of the company came a beautification of the surroundings. It was a gorgeous environment that many would covet to haunt on a daily basis.

Cosmetic dermatology is a growing field and offices are springing up in every town in the country. This makes for good job opportunities, and in many cases they train you on the job. You can work the back office and assist the doctor or station yourself at the front desk greeting glamorous patients like the Housewives of Orange County as seen on Bravo TV. You can sell the creams and maintain the inventory with new orders. All medical offices have clerical positions in bookkeeping and accounting to add to the array of careers. What I liked was the pleasant atmosphere and the aura of glamour that reigned supreme.

A cosmetic dermatology practice is a medical office like any other with specific protocols in dealing with patients and their treatment. Any nursing background is a plus. You can run the back office and learn to perform minor procedures. It is interesting and varied work to be sure. When I go back to the office where I once worked, I see that there has not been much turnover. I can understand why. It is an exciting career like no other. The nice part is that all patients are happy and show improvement and you don’t have to deal with illness. Cosmetic dermatology offices are profitable which means raises and promotions for you. A nice side benefit is that you get free products and procedures so that you will represent the practice well. What could be better!


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  •  Janet Eriksson: 
    This sounds like a great career path that I never knew existed. Your description makes me feel like I'm there. I also like the way you talk about the different jobs, skills, and perks related to this type of practice. And it's always wonderful to work with happy clients!
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