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Memoirs of a Discouraged Job-Seeker

Many job seekers go through a plethora of emotional phases while being unemployed, especially if they have been looking for any real length of time for a career.  There are many hurdles to overcome and each hurdle is unique to the job seeker. Although each hurdle is unique, the emotion behind it isn’t. I know all-to-well and still going through the emotions of finding a career.

As you may notice, I use the term “finding a career” very distinctly. Anyone can find a job.  A job is anything a person does in exchange for money. But I am not looking for a job, I am looking for a career, a place to utilize my skill set, where I am a cultural fit, management treats everyone the same (regardless of title), potential growth opportunities, and benefits (not to mention, the ability to gain longevity).  

That sounds like an achievable dream to me; however, I have many hurdles to jump through. For example, I appear to be a “job-hopper”. The last several years I have been caught up in a very unstable industry and have had to follow the work where ever it leads me.  I have had several jobs lasting no more than a year. “Job-Hopping” has never been my intention. Being laid off is never fun, but it also does not help your longevity either. Getting rejected for “job-hopping” is tiresome, heart breaking, discouraging, and makes you question your abilities as an employee as well.

Next hurdle is when you are getting turned down because you do not have fancy certifications. Although your experience and degree prove you are a leader in your field, the expensive certification is something additional you must acquire. Sometimes I personally ponder, how much money do I have to invest in my education to be considered a professional? How do new moms/dads do it? What else do I need to be considered for a position?

As I continue through this new journey of self-rediscovery and overcoming the challenges of being discouraged and questioning my abilities, I have to remember why I am seeking a career, how far I have come and the mountains I have climbed to be able to apply for professional positions.


Like many of you, I have never had a mentor, a role-model, or anyone to look up to. I learned most everything I know on my own and through trial and error. Other than college and a few Fred Pryor courses, I have never had any formal training in my field.  It has always been “sink or swim”. Today I am barely swimming; tomorrow I may sink until I realize my motivations again. 

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