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Marketing Territory

Marketing and communications are popular college majors. The field seems vast and open ended. Every company with a product or service needs an expert. It doesn’t matter if it is strictly on line or a brick and mortar enterprise. Graduates in this area are not likely to becomes doctors, lawyers, accountants, or EMTs. They have their sight aimed at corporate work in particular.

Most companies have their own department or they hire an agency that covers all the bases of public relations, collateral material, advertising, and general marketing. I once worked for a company that manufactured shampoo, among other products. The marketing group consisted of a vice president, graphic designer, an analyst, a media buyer, and a public relations manager. Literally millions were spend annually selling the product. There were TV commercials and infomercials (about a half hour in length). The media buyer, in charge of ads, had to research placement prices and bundling on certain stations. He had to get the most from the corporate budget.

Meanwhile, the graphic artist worked with a writer to produce materials to be given to the public. Postcards were created to send to an extensive mailing list to promote Internet orders. A major target was hair salons. Brochures had to be terse and attractive. Web design was also under this employee’s purview. The landing page had to change on a regular basis. The marketing team met often to discuss ideas and options. The public relations manager would write the press releases and contact the media for coverage. It was like a well-oiled machine.

When it came time to film new ads and infomercials, the company practically came to a halt. Everyone was focused on the most innovative way to sell shampoo. The field is competitive and every effort had to be made to surpass other efforts. The actual filming was done offsite with a professional company. It was then shown to a focus group to assess its effectiveness. After the new ads aired, the analyst would delve into the figures and compare last year to this one. Growth in sales would be noted and the percentage month by month. He analyst also compared prices of the company product to the major competitors. He left no stone unturned. The hallmark of marketing is a very scientific approach.

You can see that if you crave the excitement and dynamism of marketing as your career goal, there are many ways to fit into the corporate structure. You can concentrate on management, graphics, writing, analysis (great for you math majors), and more.

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