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Making Moves

it is important in life to keep moving forward no matter what your circumstances are. Being content with where you have gotten to in your life, can lure you into this false sense of security. You might feel completely happy and might feel as if it is totally unnecessary to strive and work harder, but you are wrong.


Even though you might be in a place where you have achieved for a little while, do not get acclimated into thinking that you should not work any harder to achieve more and more. Never be satisfied in any position, in any marriage, in any company, in any place. You can be happy, of course! But satisfaction and content is a movement killer.


Always keep striving for what is next.  


The world is run on people`s opinion, data and results, in whatever form they may come. Whether it is a committed relationship, always know that the person can change their mind. If is a promotion, your work ethic should continue to prove that you deserve the position. If it is a new job or in my case, a new contract with a new team, you have to keep proving yourself day in and day out that you were the right choice. People who hire you, choose you, want you, do it for a reason (or several reasons). Their faith lies in those reasons and in you, to perform in the best way that you can. 



So making moves is not about hustling to find that next step, but also working your butt off to keep up your performance once you get it. Your personality is not only shown and tested when you are in tribulation, but also once you have tasted success.

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