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Just Keep Moving

Though your future might be unclear, though things might be up in the air, with your job or your relationship or with your studies, worrying is the worst thing that you can do. 

Worrying brings absolutely nothing to the table but negativity in stress. In these moments, the best thing for you to do is to separate your tasks or control your life in the best and most possible ways that you can.

I like to use the quote, “Do what you can with what you have”, it calms me down and makes me think that I cannot control everything if I give every sort of effort I can, and I cover all my bases, then whatever the outcome may be, I will accept it. Sometimes we are put into situations where we are very unsure of what is going to happen, or we are not sure what to do, and we are literally just forced to give our best with what we have. Sometimes, however, that is enough.

I am not saying to settle, to not plan, nor to leave things to chance. But if you stress about the big things, and you don't take large journeys or big decisions one step at a time, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

For my life, I make a checklist. I make sure I am breaking down the big impossible looking tasks into seemingly possible smaller to-do lists. Once I complete all the little things, or once I break down the huge goal into tasks, it seems much easier and more possible to complete. 


Like I said in the title, sometimes, even through all the planning and small task completing, things don't go your way, or you get too overwhelmed, the most important thing to do is to just keep moving. 

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