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Invest in Yourself.

I think this is one of the most important pieces of advice that I have stumbled upon. Not only did I take the time to get my degree to insure a bit of my future, learn languages and regularly train and work on them to develop them to the best of my ability, I have also learned that you have to take the time to invest in yourself to be able to present the best version of yourself to not only people in general, but your future employers and coworkers.


To be able to give your best, you have to be at your best. If that means taking an extra class, learning an extra skill, whether it is typing class, a technology class to be the most up-to-date with technology, or even improving your english if it is a foreign language for you, is extremely important.

Even if it might feel like an unnecessary expense, whether it is through money or through time, you will not regret it later when you see how helpful your investment was later on in your life.


Taking the time and effort to learn something new or to perfect your skills is investing in yourself. This also means that you have to take the time for yourself and really do what needs to be done to be at peace with yourself and present the world with your best version.


For instance, I have come to find that I usually need some time for myself, to be alone and to take the time just to take some of my day apart, analyze, review and come to conclusions. I need my time to really be calm, be full and be myself and do whatever I want to do. If I am beginning to feel anxious or somehow a little “off”, I know that it usually is because I am lacking some alone time.


Find out what it is you need to present the best version of yourself and invest.

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