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How to Get a Callback When You Don't Meet All the Qualifications Part II

Since the cover letter can play a huge part in getting a callback, I will split it into three parts. For Part II of “How to Get a Call Back When You Don’t Meet All the Qualifications”, we will show you how to start off your cover letter. Basically, your cover letter states everything that is on your resume but with greater detail.  You will want your cover letter to be interesting enough that they will want to finish reading it and good enough that they will give you a callback.

Research the Company

Before you start writing your cover letter, you need to research the company.  The last thing a potential employer wants is a candidate who has no clue about the company or what it does. When researching the company, you will want to know what it does, any specialties they excel in or if they offer special services if they are involved in the community or with any charities, and anything else that has contributed to the company’s reputation and success.  Any information you have obtained can be added and weaved into your cover letter to show that you have done your research.  You will also want to research who owns the company and who are the head managers or supervisors you could potentially work under.  The key person you should look for is the hiring manager, as you will want to address a specific person when writing your cover letter. 

Don’t Be Generic in Your Introduction

A generic letter will not get you a callback, especially if you are missing some or most of the qualifications.  You will need something special to grab their attention and keep it.   Writing the beginning of a cover letter is kind of like writing the beginning of an essay; you want your introduction to be attention grabbing and make the reader look forward to reading more.  For your introduction, you want to state your interest, and you want to show that you are passionate and excited about the position.  Your introduction could start off like this:

After months of job searching, not finding a single position that caught my interest, and stressing over whether I will ever find my dream job, I became desperate and called one of those hotline psychics.  She told me to be patient and that my dream job was around the corner.  I was extremely skeptical and felt like I wasted my time until I found your job posting for a content writer on the next day. 

For something a little more formal, you could say:

They say “good things come to those who wait,” and that statement never rang more true for me than at this stage of my life.  After my college graduation, I decided to continue working at the same retail job until I found a job that made quitting worth it. I attended many interviews and had a couple of offers, but none of the publications felt right for me.  So, I waited, and then I came across your job posting for a writer at  I have always dreamed about writing for your publication, as I have been an avid reader since your first issue.  Your high-quality coverage of major events has always engrossed me and made me want to become a better writer so that I can one day write for your publication. 

Each introduction shows interest and passion for the position and company, and they tell a story and show the personality of the writer.  In part three of this series, we will show you how to write and format the body of your cover letter. 



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