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How is Your Memory?

Do you forget what you are asked to do at work without writing it down? Are you worried that your memory isn’t up to snuff? It is nothing to fear. Memory is complicated and varies from individual to individual. You can improve it with some exercises and games.

Your mind is always awash with fleeting images. Memory gives life to your inner person and enlightenment to your curious mind. You treasure recall of the past as a guide to your current world. So, memory is indeed precious. We live to a large extent in the world of memory to identify our interactions in the present with people we know, places we have been, and tasks and actions we have performed. We don’t create a new world every day. We have a history that exists in and through memories, from perhaps the age of three and on. This impacts our work life enormously. If you are having problems, try to notice if it is long or short term memory that is affected. Short-term memory is “working memory” as opposed to stored memory. Information from short-term memory can be converted into long-term. Otherwise, it is fleeting. In fact, studies show that you can only remember about seven things at one time for about 20-30 seconds.

You had lunch with an old he told you about a new girlfriend named Susan. You what to remember it for the next time you meet. You commit it to short-term memory.

How many things can you retain at one time? Have someone put ten items on a tray and show them to you for one minute. Then write down how many you can recall. Is it 7, or less? Test family members and friends and compare results. It could be eye-opening!

Points of Interest about Memory

·               --You can harness and preserve memory: you can, in fact, teach an old dog new tricks.

·              -- Memory is like a metal file cabinet storing information until we need it.

·              --When it comes to memory, “use it or lose it.”

·             -- Sadly, most short term memory is quickly forgotten.

·             --Sense memory allows you to do two things at the same time like knitting and talking on the phone.

·             --Dreams are not recorded into long-term memory. No wonder we seldom remember them for very long, if at all.

 ExerciExercises to Boost Memory

·        -- Playing Cards: a great pastime, cards are also a way to stimulate the brain and utilize memory to recall strategy. From Hearts to Bridge, cards can be challenging and anything but boring.

·         --Guessing games: delving into one’s memory is required to answer puzzling questions and interpret twists and turns of meaning and language. Board games are an offshoot such as Jeopardy, Monopoly, Clue, and Scrabble. They have survived the test of time because they are still intellectually demanding in some fundamental way.

·         --There are many mind games on line with names like Brain Waves, Brain Workout, and Brain Busters. They are fun and disguise their role beautifully as the player builds skill and an aptitude for better performance. Try, or

·         --Try any brainteaser or puzzle you like—even a fast and easy game of solitaire or a round of crosswords—for hours of stimulating fun. It’s a great way to pass the time   while building memory assets.





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