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Get a Job Abroad

There is nothing more exciting than working in a foreign country, especially one that you have always wanted to visit. You will come home enriched by the experience and far ahead of your colleagues in terms of cultural exposure. Employers like to see work and travel abroad on a resume. They assume that you are in demand in your field, ambitious, adventurous, and out of the ordinary.

Have you always wanted to see the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain? Are you anxious to climb the Alps in Switzerland? Does Tokyo beckon with all the exotic tastes and sights? Do you want to learn a new language and communicate with locals? If you are the right candidate, you can find numerous jobs in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. You can be an architect in any growth area in the third world, a teacher in Dubai or China (English is really in demand), an engineer in Saudi Arabia, or a designer in Moscow (they actually have a lively fashion industry). There is a vast world of opportunity out there. If you are still in school, so much the better as you can study subjects that are highly desirable and transfer well to foreign soil.

We live in a global atmosphere, especially when it comes to digital products and services. You can be a consultant in Holland, Ireland, or Guam. You can work from home in the country of your preference and spend free time exploring the land.  While many young people think they will stay but a few years, most love the experience and want to extend their visit. There is so much to be learned in a cultural exchange.

After a stint abroad, it is time to travel extensively and take advantage of a hiatus in your career. This opportunity may never come again. You cannot take a vacation for more than a few weeks a year when you are entrenched in a job. You can begin with an international company whose headquarters is in the U.S. A job counselor will also know of positions elsewhere in your field. Trade journals also advertise for employees in foreign countries. I can’t think of anything more enlightening than working abroad.

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