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Fond Memories

I just attended my college reunion and I loved all the reminiscing. It reminded me that life is short and time moves fast. It also brought to mind that there are no such meetings for corporations or even small companies. You usually never reune with former colleagues unless you keep up with them on your own. Most people enjoy their work, but when they move on, all is forgotten. It’s too bad. Think of all those fond memories. It is fun and enriching to remember the past. It always makes you feel better about yourself when you enumerate your accomplishments and acknowledge the friends you made. As you get older, you generally make new friends through your kids and you lacked shared experience.

You enter the job market with expectations of gaining knowledge in your field and garnering success. You advance if you are lucky and sometimes you take higher positions on your own. You may be a newbie trying to learn the ropes, but if you are a seasoned worker, does this sound familiar? Do you ever regret not stopping to smell the roses?  I would like to see business reunions. I would love to talk with former colleagues and hear how it all turned out. Did everyone get the job of their dreams? What is the fondest memory of XYZ company?

I remember all the collaborative projects at work and the communal accolades. We felt so great and celebrated in style. Then there was the annual Christmas party where we showed off our new clothes and our dates. There were many birthdays and celebrations as life milestones were achieved. There were those business trips to exotic places and the vacations we took together now and then. When you see people every day, as you do in college, you have a lot in common. Sometimes were lucky to achieve the height of success and become a manager or Vice President. While people come ago, there were many who stayed and added to our fond memory basket. There is nothing like the camaraderie we have as adults in the workplace. We used to commemorate them in our company newsletter which was full of anecdotes, pictures, and personal stories. I now see that here were memories in the making.

So why not call up that old colleague and say hello. Any one from your past would love to hear from you. Take it from me: I know.


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