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Follow Your Faith.

This might seem weird to have in a business blog, but I think it is important, especially when going through the news and seeing what is happening in the world today, to reiterate how important it is to follow your faith.


As long as it doesn't harm anyone, I think it is important to have something to believe in. I am not saying that it must be religion. You can just simply believe in yourself, or your dream or your kids. You can believe in a message or swear by a philosophy. You can believe in a god, or multiple gods. But I think it is important, that in whatever you believe in, you really commit to it and use your faith in whatever it is to propel yourself forward.


Not only in your business journey, but it is also important to push through in your personal life as well. This life is a journey, a really long, complicated and at times painful one. Though it might not seem as if you will get through something, having the faith to see it through is an important quality to have and to hold and live by when you want to get anywhere in life.


Nobody is perfect. And I say that with boldness because I for one, have fell extremely off course when it comes to staying in the faith. But no matter what, even if it takes me days or years to come back, I try to stay true to my faith and what I believe in. I think it is important to be successful, not only to have morals, and values, but to also have a compass. We are all sort of lost in this world somehow, so it is great to have something to hold on to, especially when things are going wrong.

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08.07.2017 (10 days ago)
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