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Finding a Balance Between Work and Play

As a full time college student who is currently out of school for the holidays, I must say I'm bored. I was incredibly burned out from doing massive amounts of homework as well as freelance job assignments, and I craved a break so badly. Now that I have nearly a month off from school, I'm realizing that I'm the type of person who has to have something productive to do, otherwise I go crazy.

Over this holiday break, not only do I have no homework to do, but I hardly have any freelance work to do either. I'm not busy in the slightest. This should sound like a brilliant thing; after all, who wants to work all day anyway? I've been doing nothing but playing video games for weeks now and I feel like I'm not contributing to society, or furthering my skills or talents, or making as much money as I know I'm capable of. Don't get me wrong, this break was definitely needed. If you've read my previous posts, you know that for a long time, I was extremely stressed out. A real break was what I needed to get back on track, and I think this break has helped me learn something -- finding a balance.

It's not good to have too much work to do, and it's not good to have too little work to do either. Either way, my brain screams at me for relief. Too much work causes burnout and a high amount of stress. No work causes an idle, lazy mind. As freelance writers, or writers in general, we must occupy our minds constantly. A career like this requires creativity, intelligence, and dedication. If you're constantly working on project after project, giving your mind no time to recover, you're going to suffer. If you're taking too much recovery time and turning it into lazy time, you're still going to suffer.

You must find a balance when it comes to work and play. Don't overwhelm yourself, and don't underwhelm yourself. Take on an amount of work that you can handle that won't be too stressful, and always make time to de-stress when needed.

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  •  Janet Eriksson: 
    Really enjoyed reading this. You make great points. I am in a similar situation, and as I was reading this, you were almost describing how I'm feeling. I too have a month off from school after a very stressful semester of juggling work, school, and life. And I'm 50, so my energy gives out a lot faster than it used to. Now that I have a month off, I'm almost too tired to enjoy it. Balance is so important. Thank you for reminding me of that. I hope I can take full advantage of this month to figure out a better strategy for the spring semester. Thanks for sharing.
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  •  Laura Johnson: 
    Great article, Kendra! It really is so important to find a good work/life balance. Otherwise you get so burned out that you can't be productive even when crunch time comes. Even taking breaks while working can help keep you relaxed and focused.
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