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Finding Your Niche

Whether it is a job or career in general, or if it is perfecting the specific path you are taking, there are some specialisations that you may find yourself enjoying more than the other. For instance, not only would a niche be metaphorically represented as my position as a professional athlete, there is also a niche when it comes to my writing career.

Finding your niche will also take a (hopefully not long) trial and error process. This can be seen  and done with perseverance. Though not everyone might not have such a bold passion for something or specifically excel at a certain field, there can be something that they are really rather good at or enjoy more than anything else in particular. This could be your niche.


Once you find your niche, your job will not get easier, (unless you are a genius at what you do), but it will be more enjoyable. A positive attitude and success in a field can mean wonders for not only your work rate, but also for your future success in work as well. 


Finding your niche is not something easily done, and might take someone years to do it. Actually, there are people that go through life without not actually even finding what they are great at or what they are passionate about. That is also okay. The important thing is that you enjoy or can bear what you do and do it to the best of your abilities. However, if you find something more enjoyable, that also delivers a salary that is acceptable, then you've hit the jackpot.



Not a lot of us are following our dreams or passions, but the next best thing is, if you are stuck at a certain company or job, to find the niche that fits you the best, and go after it with everything in you.

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  •  Janet Eriksson: 
    Adriana, I appreciated reading your post. It's great to work in an area a person is excited about. Something that really fits with who they are. The last paragraph of your post made me think about ways that people can start to carve out their niche, even while at a job that doesn't really fit. For example, I started in the field of investment banking because it was the only local industry hiring during the recession. My passion, however, was writing. Eventually, I was able to become a full-time writer. But until then, I found ways to offer my writing and editing skills at my investment banking job. It made me more valued and appreciated, and I enjoyed my job more. So I appreciate your suggestion that when someone feels stuck, they can start to focus on a niche they enjoy. Great writing!
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