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As I look at the selection of title I click on when I submit each blog post, I can`t help but smile when I am choosing “Fun Career Blogs”. Though I have always wanted to be a professional athlete, I never really labeled my career as “fun”.


Of course it is fun to play a sport, or do something you love for a living, but fun career blogs just makes it seem less serious and as if my career was not taken into perspective like other job choices and paths. There are difficulties that come with being a professional athlete. 


Not only is not every time you step on the field “fun”, hence weights or fitness tests, or sprints, or just plain exhausting and physically strenuous practices, but also there are moments in an athlete`s career, where fun is the last word on their mind.


Though others may think it is fun and games in a professional athlete`s life, they have to understand that not every moment is a great one. There are times of injuries, times where you are on the bench. There are instances where you can be away from your loved ones and family for months or a whole year at a time. There can be times where you are just physically or mentally drained. 


Just like any job, professional athletics has its ups and downs. And of course I am not naive to think that I do not have it a lot easier than a lot of people, but I also know the work that I tirelessly put into getting into this career and keeping up with the job. It is by no means easy, what I do, but it is worthwhile. Though I would call some instances fun, and it might be fun to read about the insides of a professional athlete, please don't pretend that what I do is not serious.


As said by Scottish footballer: 


"Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it's much more serious than that."

Adriana Rodrigues 05.11.2017 2 174
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  •  Janet Eriksson: 
    Thank you for this reminder that professional athletics is not as easy as it might appear to armchair sports enthusiasts. I am not an athlete of any sort but I love distance walking. How sad I get when even a minor injury sidelines me, preventing me from doing this thing I love. I can't even imagine how much worse that injury would feel, when that sport is your whole professional life and one of the things you love most. Thank you for this great reminder to appreciate the athletes in our midst.
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