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Don't Think Twice: Be Nice

You can make life-long friends at the office. If you work for a large corporation, you are sure to find a soul-mate or true blue comrade. I am always surprised when people tell me it isn’t easy and they feel alone. It could be they have a case of the “rudes.” They snap when angry and sneer when turned off. Do you let your emotions get away with you? It won’t win you any popularity contest. So, don’t think twice: be nice. Put on your happy hat when you go to work and spread good cheer. No one wants to be around a grump who brings them down.

The fun kids with sunny dispositions were always the most popular in school: high school and college alike. It is no different in the office. If you are tired from lack of sleep, have just broken a serious relationship, or you are disappointed in your work, keep it to yourself. The person you insult today may be your supervisor tomorrow.

Whatever you do, don’t send negative emails. They get discovered. When I was an executive assistant, I had the task of reading my bosses’ emails. I was shocked at what I read. Bad comments about people all the time. Fortunately, I kept my mouth shut, except for one time when there was a nasty barb about me. I confronted the woman who wrote it who was mortified. I got a huge apology.

Even if someone is irritable and seems to be attacking you, be nice. It could be a one-time phenomenon. Even if someone says he or she wants to be left alone, be nice. Helpful criticism is okay from the boss, but not from a colleague. Don’t be judgmental and try to give everyone a chance. We all have our bad days. So be nice.

Office staff often gang up on the weak which brings out more of their worst behavior. If someone is whining and moaning about everything, give them a pat on the back. They will soon stop. Giving moral support is a gift indeed. Leave your own troubles at home as well. Negativity spreads like wildfire in an office and alters the mood. On one particular job, my co-workers and I made a pact to keep things always on an even keel. It worked. If someone has done a sub-standard report, he or she knows it and doesn’t have to be torn apart.

What goes around, comes around. It takes the cooperation of the entire workforce to make a difference.

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