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Creating a Job Application Machine

The job search market is becoming a larger industry every day. With an ever increasing number of recruiters, search engines and postings it can be overwhelming to try and apply to all the jobs which would be a good fit. At the same time, the more job sites and recruiters there are the more competition in brings to try and stand out from the pack. This requires you to have a strategy for getting out your application to as many viable places as possible. The best way to do this is to come up with a strategy for sending out your application. 

The first part of your strategy is deciding how to target the best sites and recruiters for you. This is really a game of trial and error. In the beginning, you will need to sign up for many different sites and then filter the ones out over time which are not giving you good results. Personally, I look for the sites which are sending me a constant stream of jobs which I feel best meet my interests, qualifications and salary requirements. If I am receiving emails every day from a site which never has jobs I am interested in then I will unsubscribe from that site. Eventually, you will be left with a tailored list of emails every day which are interesting and exciting. 

Next, you need to create templates for your resume and cover letter. I like to think of these as the master copies. I work on creating what I consider my perfect resume and cover letter. Both need to positively reflect the experience I most want to emphasize and look professional. I also make sure to have at least two or three recruiters give me feedback on them so that I can make them even better. Once they are nearly perfect they become the basis for personalized cover letters and resumes. This makes applying to multiple positions quickly much easier, because you are not starting from scratch each time. Instead, you are merely changing or adding a few sentences for each position. Oftentimes, you can even just use the master versions if there is nothing specialized required or if the master version already meets all the requirements the company is asking for. 

Finally, you need to set out a block of time each day which will be dedicated to job searching. I prefer to do this in the morning when I first check my email before work and other life stresses take up too much of my energy and thought process. I hammer through all the interesting positions I have received overnight and then I do not have to think about them the rest of the day. The other advantage of doing this in the morning is that most sites will send out their updated jobs first thing in the morning as well. 

The key to finding a job is continued persistance. Because the job market is changing so quickly and everyday it is important that you are checking in with it everyday as well and making these simple changes and templates will help you to get your name out there in the quickest most efficient way possible. 

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