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Coming to an end


When the year seems to be the longest year of your life, or things don't seem to go your way after a while and at some points you just wish you were somewhere else is usually the moments that seem to pass by the slowest. When looking back at something, like your fiscal year, your job or your first year in law school, the time just seems to have flown by.


Here I am at the end of another season in my sports career and again, I am wondering where the time has flown by. Though it did seem like to take forever at some points (especially when I was sitting instead of playing), I am now sitting here when the month is turning to June and wondering where the time has gone. It seems just like yesterday that I was showing up for our first week of preseason here.


Though this might just be a fact of life, it never ceases to amaze me how much I take for granted and do not realise while I am going through the trenches. Take the time to cherish what you have. Take the time to live in the moment. Take the time to truly understand your situation, live in it and enjoy it, because sooner than you think you the moment will pass by. The people you surround yourself with will change, the environment, the home, the place, and even the country! 



A conclusion to a stage or season in your life can also be quite scary when the future is so undefined. But not only can this bring fear, it can also be an exciting time. Relish in the nerves, in the excitement, in every feeling you might feel when preparing for this next stage in your life, because before you know it, it will pass as well!

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