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Burnout on the Job

You may have experienced burnout at one point in your work life. It is not usually a problem at home unless you are the sole provider for your children and the primary caregiver. Then it can arise without warning. Too many responsibilities can tax anyone who has a full-time job. You feel trapped, anxious, and ultimately depressed. There is just not enough “me” time to ward off washout. At work, burnout can take the form of avoiding difficult tasks wherein you have previously failed or engendered undue criticism. It can cause a frenzy of despair when the same job recurs. Keeping burnout at bay is easy if you have a reasonable work environment with credible expectations. If not, addressing overload with your boss is the only way out. Time management techniques are designed to hinder burnout and prevent it altogether. This is a big motivation for undertaking a program.

Burnout questionnaire:

Do you feel exhausted after work?

Are you drained emotionally at home?

Do you lie in bed each morning dreading your day?

Have you stopped caring about what used to be important?

Do you feel you can never make any progress no matter what you do?

Are you just going through the motions at home or at work?

Do you feel powerless to change your life?

Do you find it difficult to control your emotions lately?

Are you overly self-critical?

If you answer yes to any of the above, the diagnosis is BURNOUT. It is a condition that goes beyond stress and is not a normal part of life. The most committed and motivated people can experience burnout however It seems to come upon you without warning. Those with super high standards are subject to it repeatedly. Taking on more than you can chew can cause choking and lack of breath. Time management can teach the coping skills necessary to suppress burnout by adjusting outlandish expectations for more reasonable results. Start by internalizing and repeating the following affirmations. Make them the watchwords of your new life.

·         I will get over this burnout

·         I will prevail

·         I will succeed

·         I can do it

·         I will find the time

·         I have the energy

·         I want to get ahead

·         I love my job

Tip: Negativity is the enemy of time management and productivity. If you are overly self-critical, depressed, anxious, skeptical and/or apathetic, you will lack enthusiasm for a task. If you lack self-confidence, you will doubt your aptitude for success. No amount of advice will prompt this undertaking. You must clear your head and heart of fear and loathing of the new. You must not dread change. Positive behavior comes from bio-feedback: self-encouragement and repetitive reminders of what is good in life and must be embraced.

Tip: if others take time off and expect you to cover for them repeatedly, burnout is on its way. Learn to recognize and head off this problem before you become the willing office dumping ground. Say to yourself, “no more nice guy!” Say it politely to others.

Banish these negative words from your vocabulary forever:

I can’t

I won’t

I’m afraid

I’m tired

That’s boring

I feel depressed

Ask me later

No more

I’m done with it

Stay away

It’s not my job

I don’t know how

I’ve never tried it

I will fail

It’s too hard 

What are your favorite excuses?


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