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Actor 101: Useful Resources for Actors

Following up on my last blog post, I thought that I would share some useful actor resources that I found since I started my career in acting. Some of these resources I found through my own research and others were referred to me by reputable sources involved in the acting industry.


Backstage is one of the most invaluable resources any actor can have in his arsenal. This website not only provides casting notices based on location, there is also a forum where casting directors, agents, actors, headshot photographers and basically anyone involved in the acting industry regularly post articles on a variety of topics that help actors to move their career forward. There is also a monthly Backstage magazine that actors can subscribe to which features details about various aspects of the acting industry.

Casting Director Webinars

Through Backstage I was introduced to Casting Director Amy Jo Berman. Formerly VP of casting at none other than HBO, Amy has been involved in projects such as Game of Thrones, Sex and the City and Boardwalk Empire just to name a few. She is now solely dedicated to helping new actors break into the industry as well as professional actors further develop their career. You can subscribe to her mailing list to receive information on her free webinars and other actor resources that she has available and she even does one on one career consultations and audition prep work so you never have to go into an audition unprepared.


Every actor knows that to be successful in Hollywood, it takes much more than just amazing acting skills. Firstly, in order to actually show your skills on screen you need to book the job. Auditioning is a skill all its own which needs to be nurtured and mastered in the same way that you would hone your acting ability. There is also the misconception that without an agent, it is virtually impossible to secure audition opportunities. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Actors can create profiles on website such as Actors Access, CastingNetworks, CAZT and LetItCast which all provide casting notices that actors can self-submit for.

Networking and Social Media 

The importance of networking cannot be stressed enough. There are countless instances of jobs and agents being gained through referrals from other actors and industry professionals. While networking might not be the easiest thing to go about doing, social media has made it much less painful. There are various casting director groups that can be joined on Facebook and Amy Jo Berman has even compiled a list of Casting Directors that actors can follow on Twitter. Amy Jo has also put together content specifically on this topic of using Social Media for networking and building your brand.

While these are just a few resources that I have outlined here, there are many more that prove to be extremely useful in helping actors to achieve their goals regardless of what stage they are at in their career. But whatever resources you use to push your career forward, it is always important to remember to stay dedicated and persevere.  

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