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7 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

When you search "entrepreneur" into Google, you will find that Google pulls up some of the more prominent entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.  These entrepreneurs are forces of nature - seeming to come out of left field and dominating the world which they were working hard to change.

They are not only inspiring, they are also intimidating.  What if you do not have the same gusto and intelligence as Bill Gates? No sweat.  There is good news for the rest of us: Entrepreneurs can become as great as the Bill Gates of this world by harness some crucial traits entrepreneurs hold.  

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to have a Type A personality - overachieving, hyper-organized workaholic - or an extrovert to be successful in launching a business.  In fact, Type A people are less likely to take the risks needed to be successful and it is often the C-average students that end up being successful in entrepreneurship.  

But what makes for a good entrepreneur? Here are seven traits that successful entrepreneurs hold that you could use to help make you and your business successful.



Starting a business is not a sprint.  It is not even a marathon.  It is an ultra marathon.  You have to be able to live in the realm of constant uncertainty and push through the obstacles for years on end.  Entrepreneurs who can avoid saying uncle have a better chance of outlasting their competition and landing in their market.  Tenacity has many names - perseverance, persistence, commitment, gusto - but at the core of everything, it is a general stick-to-it-iveness.


It is commonly assumed that entrepreneurs are after one thing: money.  But most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that money was the last thing on their mind when they started pursuing their business.  Often they started down the path of entrepreneurship because they were driven by a great passion for their product or service, by the possibility of solving an issue or to just plain make life easier.

Most entrepreneurs are looking to change the world and they believe that their product or service will do just that.  This passion to make the world a better place drives them to push through whatever issues they face throughout their journey.

Ambiguity is not a big deal


This is the classic definition of risk-taking - the ability to handle the fear of uncertainty and potential failure.  What it all boils down to is the general ability to acknowledge and manage their fears.  The mental battlefield is where the ultimate entrepreneur test takes place.  You can go with the fear and quit or you can push forward and fulfill your dream.  While most people will see the fear and run from it, the entrepreneur will look at the fear and see how they can use it to their advantage.


Entrepreneurs have this ability to spot an opportunity and see things from a different perspective.  They are fueled by a general curiosity that helps them see opportunities where others might have overlooked opportunities.  They have the ability to imagine the world from another perspective and communicate that vision to others (investors, customers and staff) to help them build up their vision and become successful.  



Having confidence in oneself is a trait all entrepreneurs hold.  In order to be a success entrepreneur, you have to have crazy belief that what you are selling is something that the world needs and that you can give the customers that products irregardless of what others are saying.  Entrepreneurs have done enough research to know that their product is a good one and it will be successful.  They will continue to push forward no matter what situation they face.  


This one kind of ties in with the lack of fear of the unknown.  An entrepreneur must be able to be flexible.  The world is ever-changing and an entrepreneur must have the ability to be able to flow with the ebbs and the tides the world and business world throw at them.  An entrepreneur has the ability to look at a situation and see that the current situation is not working and do something to fix the issue.  They are not afraid to make the necessary changes needed and have flexibility in times of change.  

Bending the rules

Entrepreneurs thrive when they are challenging conventional wisdom.  In fact, most entrepreneurs were characterized as the "rule breakers" at a young age and took that same attitude as they built their businesses.  Even some of the most famous entrepreneurs got into some trouble in their day.

Do you have some of the characteristics mentioned above? Then you just might be an entrepreneur! If you have considered starting your own business before, why not give it a second thought? You might surprise yourself. 

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  •  Laura Johnson: 
    Loved the article Jackie! I think you're spot on with these traits. Of the seven traits, I definitely think tenacity and passion are the most important. A person shouldn't try to start his or her own business just for the sake of doing it. The business needs to be based around something the person is genuinely passionate about, and starting a business is never without a serious of risks and obstacles, so this entrepreneur needs to be persistent in his or her business endeavors.
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