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15 Signs You May be an Entrepreneur

Do you find yourself constantly dreaming about having your own business or building something that is your own? You might be an entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurs make up a unique group of people.  Not only do they have a different mindset, but they also behave differently.  The draw from personality traits, mind-sets and habits to come up with ideas that border on insanity and genius.  But just because you have awesome ideas to make the world better or be more efficient at something, that does not mean that you are cut out to be an entrepreneur.  

Check out the list of 15 signs you may be an entrepreneur below, and see if you meet any of the qualities.  If you do, you just might be an entrepreneur.

1. You hate the status quo.  Are you the person that always questions why things are done the way they are? Entrepreneurs see that things can always be done better - either differently or more efficiently and they strive to find solutions for things that could be changed.

2. You're persistent.  As an entrepreneur, you do not take no for an answer.  If you face rejection, you find a new tactic and approach it from that angle. Not succeeding is not an option.

3. You're competitive, but also know how to lose.  Do you love to compete with others? If so, you might be an entrepreneur.  However, there is a fine line between being too competitive and not competitive enough.  A true entrepreneur will not only want to win, but will take losses as learning opportunities.  

4. You see opportunities at every corner.  Do you walk into a building and think of all the different ways it can be used? You might wonder if the building is being used to its full potential and you research what companies are in already existing there.  

5. You're a people person.  Entrepreneurs are people people. They have no problem meeting and interacting with new people and they make connecting with others a priority.  They also know how to communicate with clarity and often do not find themselves in communication conundrums.

6. That box is not just a box.  You think outside of the box (and not in a cliche way).  You are always dreaming of new ways to do old things and you work to implement changes wherever possible (even if it is as simple as a daily task you do at home).

7. You recognize you are not on an island.  You understand the importance of not trying to do everything alone and work with others that can help you pursue your dreams.  Where you are weak in certain areas, you have others help you fill that gap.  And you are excited for their help.

8. You get energy from others.  When it comes to working, you are most excited to work in a group.  Working alone is not something you enjoy and will actively avoid working on things by yourself.  Working with others energizes and inspires you.

9. Job security has more than one definition to you.  You recognize that your job is secure as long as you are in charge and are not relying on a boss that could let you go with the flick of their wrist.

10. Time is more valuable than money.  You find that you value your time more than your money.  There are so many hours in a day and you prioritize those hours based on what is most valuable to you.

11. You day is based on ROI.  No matter how you spend your day, you focus on how you can get a return on your investment.  When you prioritize your day, you look at which areas have the best result and focus on those first and prioritize from there.

12. You did the research.  And you know that your product is one of a kind.  You know that there is nothing else in the market and you would walk in with no competition.  This both excites and frightens you and that is exactly where you thrive.

13. Your people are hand chosen.  An entrepreneur knows that who they surround themselves with determines their success.  You will be very decisive with who is around you and will not allow negative people to be in the forefront of your life.

14. You're a logical thinker - and you see the opportunities to fix problems in any situation.  You think everything through before you make a decision, but are not afraid to make decisions quickly.

15. You had a lemonade stand or small business as a kid.  Even at a young age, you recognized that you could make money and took every opportunity to do so.  When there were product sales at school, you were often the highest selling person.


Do any of these traits apply to you? If so, you just might be an entrepreneur!


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