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Is there no real camaraderie in your office? Do people keep to themselves and speak only when addressed? Sometimes the boss sets the tone and the atmosphere is so serious and dense, you could cut it with a knife. It is simply no fun to work in such an envi
Carol Kay 09.05.2017 0 473

No matter what your product is, whether it is a computer software, medicinal tablets, or even yourself, you have to not only persuade and push your brand, you have to believe it. Even though some may say they are in it just for the salary, or if their prod
Adriana Rodrigues 08.31.2017 0 375

While the “office clown” is fun to be around, he or she is also a huge nuisance, taking up people’s time with recounting stories and jokes endlessly. They also get sent by text and email so you never miss a single one of their antics. It is not that we sho
Carol Kay 08.29.2017 0 439

No, this is not going to a mushy, passionate post about how much I love what I do. That is highly obvious. Because being a woman in this (or many other) industry (-ies), you have to constantly hear the words: “That is just the way it is”, and if you don't
Adriana Rodrigues 08.29.2017 0 514

An offshoot of interior design is to specialize in corporate and business environments. If you are in charge of renovation and are not trained in this field, you may need some help. You not only have to hire a professional, but you must approve preliminary
Carol Kay 08.22.2017 0 463

Senior year in college, everyone dreams of that perfect high tech job, a position in teaching, a career in health care or medicine, or going to grad school to become an engineer, CEO, accountant, or office administration. We all wanted the same jobs so the
Carol Kay 08.14.2017 0 443
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How often will you get caught off guard while you're out networking or attending an event and someone says; tell me a little something about yourself. If you're speaking more than 2 minutes later, the inquirer will either be asleep or trying to change the subject. This group is dedicated to explorin…
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St. Pete Beach, United States
07.12.2017 From Bob Turel
(Join as a Free Member to participate in this Group's discussions.  Already a Member? Click the 'Join' button to the right.) Training can help you to advance in your current career or to transition to a new career.  Training is the gaining of knowledge, skills, ability and experience that will make…
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10.13.2016 From Hub Evangelist
(Join as a Free Member to participate in this Group's discussions.  Already a Member? Click the 'Join' button to the right.) Career and job tools assist and advance your job and career goals.  Take resumes as just one example.  A resume is a tool. A software program or a person that helps you write…
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10.13.2016 From Hub Evangelist
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Disturbing fact: If you apply for a job, make it through the automated resume filter, and a real person looks at your resume, potential employers will likely take the additional step of looking you up online. With 77% of employers Googling you,1 why not use that to your advantage? Having a LinkedIn account is par for the course, but taking the next step and creating a visual infographic resume, online portfolio, or a personal landing page will help you stand out from your competition, with the additional benefit of having more control over what is found about you on the Internet.
Many job seekers are confused about how hiring works, and, specifically, about how to work with recruiters. It is important to understand their role and how the process works in order to be successful.
LinkedIn has been a key tool in the recruiter’s toolbox for many years now. But more and more, employers are wising up to the benefits themselves. Using LinkedIn for recruitment is no longer reserved for the experts or Boolean Geeks. Here are just a few simple ways that regular ol’ employers can start sourcing great candidates through LinkedIn.
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By Hub Evangelist 08.27.2017
By Hub Evangelist 08.27.2017
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03.18.2018 0 comments From Jonathan Duarte — Come connect with me on LinkedIn.
07.06.2017 0 comments From Adam — This book describes the next step of software evolution which could likely offer a solution to many problems. According to an ambitious author’s claim, this technology can even help fixing society and corporation. The goal of the book is to answer a million dollar question “how can we get there”. Th…
04.01.2017 0 comments From Jeff Zhuk
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